2021 Artist Reunion

Sep 9 - Sep 11 | San Diego, CA

Artist Recognition

Reunion is a time when we can come together to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of our amazing Artists. It’s not often that we’re all gathered together in one place, which is why we love Reunions so much - we’re able to see Artists celebrate themselves, each other and Seint, and be rewarded for their achievements and commitment.

Please note: Artists must be registered for Endless Summer to be recognized at the event.

Achievement Awards

Artist of the Year

Awarded to one Artist per rank (Artist II - Artist X) who had overall success in sales, enrollments, team growth, and contributions to Seint over the past year.

President’s Club

Artists who achieved sales (SV) of $250K+ from March 1, 2018 - July 31, 2021.

Top 10 Seller

Top 10 selling Artists per rank (Artist II - Artist X) from August 1, 2020 - July 31 2021.

Top 10 Enroller

Top 10 enrolling Artists per rank (Artist II - Artist X) from August 1, 2020 - July 31 2021.

Team Leader

Top 10 Artists per rank (Artist II - Artist X) who had the most active directs from August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021.

New High Ranker

Artists who achieved new high ranks between August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2021 for Artist III and above.

Consistent Ranker

Artist who hit their same high rank 11 out of 12 months from August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021 for Artist III and above.

Love Is Never Wasted

Artists who are licensed foster families, have foster-adopted, or grew up in foster care.

Nominated Awards

In addition to our achievement-based recognition awards, we want to celebrate some of our unsung heroes nominated by their fellow Artists. Please take the time to nominate Artists you think exemplify these attributes and deserve a little recognition on stage at Endless Summer. You have until July 31, 2021 to consider these awards and submit your nominations ↗.

Spirit Award

Optimistic and lively, this Artist brings a scoop of humor and a heap of inspiration to the table! She has a lightness about her that draws others to her, and her positivity and ability to turn even the most mundane tasks into fun is the icing to our cake.

Adventure Award

This Artist isn’t afraid to take on a challenge! Her successes are hard won through daily hard work and sheer determination. She’s infused with a magnetic kind of energy that draws you in and a relentless drive to think outside of the box, turning brilliant ideas into fresh solutions.

Mentor Award

This Artist is warm and approachable, with a strong desire and motivation to guide others- and that’s only the beginning! She’s truly invested in the success of those around her, knowing that lifting others lifts her higher than she could ever be on her own. Her commitment to her team is legendary and it shows!

Endless Summer Award

Summer represents a season of anticipation, of freedom, of light, and of joy- and this Artist embodies it all. She has ignited the fire under her goals and it is burning bright! She is basking in the glow of her “why” and recognizes that different seasons of life bring different approaches to her work, but her purpose is steady and limitless.

Multitasker Award

No matter what sour thing comes her way, this Artist can turn it into something sweet! She is running long after others have stopped- her hustle is legendary. She’s a fountain of productivity with limitless potential, and her ability to find a balance and harmony between all of the demands on her time and attention inspires us all.

Humanitarian Award

This Artist not only embraces a culture of abundance; she’s committed to sharing hers with others. She’s richly involved in causes she is passionate about and is working hard to make this world a better place, one beautiful soul at a time.

Social Media Award

A consistent and beautiful vibe surrounds this Artist's Instagram feed, creating an inspiring mosaic of purposeful squares that draw us in and invite us to linger there. Her refreshing perspective and inspiring words turn even the most common materials into a masterpiece.

IIID Makeover Award

Everything she touches turns to gold! This Artist sees the beauty in faces and knows how to accentuate features with IIID makeovers that boast that signature glow. By helping others see their beauty, she’s in the business of changing lives.

Demi Makeover Award

Mastering the art of Demi Colour is now in this Artist’s list of accomplishments. She is an expert at shining the spotlight on skin and maintaining a super natural glow with an undetectable application and flawless finish.