Artist Programs

2021 App SHARE Contest

November 02, 2021

"Life is all about sharing. If you are good at something, pass it on."

If you tuned in to Monday night's App Training Webinar, you already know that we have something special in store for our Artists during the month of November: a share contest with weekly prizes!

One major part of being an Artist is learning new skills, taking before and after pics, recording how-to videos for makeup application, and helping your customers troubleshoot. You do this all by SHARING via text, social media, email, etc. The Seint App is designed to help you better interact with your customers by being able to track the images or videos that you share with them.

SO, to best encourage our Artists to utilize the Seint App, we are challenging each and every one of you to Share during November.

Here's how the contest will work:

  1. You must share something (an image, how-to video, PDF, etc.) directly from the Seint App a minimum of 5 times EACH WEEK during the month of November. We will be picking the winners at random each week from those who share via text/copy or social media at least 5 times.
  2. We will announce the weekly winners in STAG at the start of each new week on the following Monday. All prizes will be sent at the end of November.
  3. At the end of November, we will be picking a Grand Prize Winner based on the total number of shares AND the engagement made on each share. The number of shares made must be spaced throughout the entire month of November, with at least 5 shares made each week in order to be eligible to win the Grand Prize. *Please note: you are only eligible to win one weekly prize. If you do win a weekly prize, you are still eligible to win the Grand Prize.
  4. Prizes will be announced at the beginning of each week.

The weekly prizes will each be $50 gift cards to Amazon. The Grand Prize will be a $500 Amazon gift card, plus 5 Seint products of your choice.

To view the full app training webinar, CLICK HERE. To view a short video about sharing from the app, click the “APP QUICK TIPS” banner in the app.