Artist Programs

2021 Artist Challenge Recap

November 17, 2021

Over the last nine months, thousands of Seint Artists worked hard to build their businesses and step outside of their comfort zones through completing the 2021 Seint Artist Challenges. During these challenges, Artists were encouraged to focus on sharing the product, using the product, guiding your teams, acing color matches and retaining your customers. When Artists submit that they completed each challenge, we asked the same question for all five challenges — How did completing this challenge help you with your Seint business? — and we can’t help but share some powerful answers.


“It helped me train my hostess (which I had struggled with in the past), which led to more party attendees engaging, purchasing and joining my Seint Facebook group. So not only do I feel more prepared to host successful parties in the future, but I also gained some great new customers.”

“I grew my business so much. I went from no sales in January to absolutely smashing it this month. I worked on going live and increased my reach. I am so proud of what I accomplished!”

“This was an amazing eye opener! I have never put this much focus on hosting classes and this was my best month with Seint yet! I will be doing more classes/parties each month going forward!”

“It brought me new customers as well as helped me have my best month in my Seint journey. Now I have more ladies who love our products and more ladies who wanna throw a party! These were my first 2 in person parties ever rather than just one-on-one makeovers! So fun! My parties were both in person, which was awesome!”

“Best month yet! I am an Artist III and had the most sales of my career! Also, have 2 potential future Artists!”


“This challenge helped me to stay consistent, plus I have had way more interaction on my page and more views! As a result, I have had more orders as well! I now see how consistency in showing our passion for the product is so important!”

“It helped to keep me consistently posting useful content regularly. Lives and video tutorials are the most helpful for teaching customers and promoting the products, so I found this very helpful in keeping me on top of sharing frequently. I shared on Instagram, my VIP group, multiple parties, and also took part in a vendor event where I did multiple lives over the course of the week. I’ve gotten so much more comfortable even over just this short month.”

“It really helped me to think outside the box and shake things up from my usual routine. I created an Instagram carousel on multiple ways to use one product which was born out of this challenge, so I was really excited about that. We’re creatures of habit and this challenge was a reminder to experiment and play with different methods because you never know if you’ll learn something that actually serves you better than your current routine!”

“Snagged a few new customers that I didn't even think would wear any makeup in general!”

“Really focusing on one layer of makeup made my customers more interested in the convenience of 1 compact makeup! I was able to show them how easy and uncomplicated highlighting and contouring can be!”

“I learned the value of sharing regularly, and found how easily it blends with the other content in my feed. I also saw how consistency is important not just for me, but for my customers to continue to learn and love Seint even more!”


“It was my first time connecting with my team and running my own Zoom call- we’re connecting and growing together! We’re a new team and I LOVE pouring into the girls! Both of them ranked to Artist II and crushed their goals! I loved being intentional about becoming a leader in Seint. I also ranked to Artist III after working on it for almost a year! Wouldn’t have happened without this challenge!”

“My team created action based goals and an accountability thread that really helped our sisterhood. I saw that we showed up for our customers in a different way and supported each other and grew together in our personal lives and not only our businesses.”

“Helped to be consistently supporting my team through the week instead of just the end of the month. Weekly supportive/motivation insights on Mondays and Wednesday Wisdom on business and marketing tips. Sharing successes and failures as well as how we learn from those and grow.”

“It really helped create a sense of "togetherness" within my team because we had bi-weekly Zoom calls. We all did the Enneagram and it opened the conversation to talk about ourselves. It really was a great challenge! We celebrated our wins.”

“One of my commitments as a leader in Seint is maintaining a cohesive team. My loyalty to my team is one of my priorities. Being supportive, reaching out, guiding them and setting realistic goals to them each step of their journey will only help me grow and learn in the long run. Thank you for this challenge.”


“I color matched more people last month than I have in the last 6 months combined! It really helped me brush up on my matching skills, plus I did in-person matching which was so fun! It helped me get closer to my customers for sure!”

“It helped me be able to efficiently colour match more clients and answer all their questions regarding shades. I became more aware of the undertones and skin tones in the ladies I was colour matching and was able to see the difference between shades more.”

“It has helped me to really open up and analyze people's true skin tones and what areas to place certain shades of highlights and contour. Also, doing it in person made me instill more confidence in doing them and not be so worried!”

“I actually did both the Demi and IIID challenges and even though I’ve been an Artist with both for a fair amount of time, I’m amazed by how much more confident I feel with colour matching for both after putting in the extra effort and practice from this challenge. I also was able to match a much wider scope of skin tones after putting myself out there and asking for help from my clients with matches, which was exciting! Until this month, none of my clients had a deeper skin tone than Mango-Goddess and this month I was able to match 3 deeper than that.”

“By highlighting color matching and having a giveaway, I had several orders and a few referrals for new customers. The challenges really are motivating & give me something to focus on throughout the month. I've been loving them & the call to action!”


“I sold over $1000 this month and I haven’t done that since April, so it goes to show that customer service and connection really is key.”

“It helped me more than any other challenge! I felt like each item we were asked to do helped so much. I have such a great strategy for this month and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever figure out how to do a drip campaign, but I did, and it got me so excited with the possibilities! The intentional connecting with others was something I wasn’t great at before, so I feel like that is going to be super helpful as I continue to do it. Overall it’s helped me shift my focus a bit more to really work on serving my customers better.”

“Best sales month in months for me and most of my team. I also found the extra note to customers really made them feel special. Multiple times later had them texting me about things outside of makeup.”

“I actually got a couple new customers and multiple color matches. It has definitely helped. Also one of my customers is possibly interested in the Artist Program! 🙌🏼”

“Instead of always focusing on reaching people who haven’t yet tried the makeup, it showed me the importance of nurturing those existing customers. They have saved me during slow months with their refill orders and building their collections!”

We look forward to February 2022 when we kick off our next set of Artist Challenges! We can’t wait to see your businesses grow!