2021 Quarter 4 Timeline

A tentative timeline for things to come in the final quarter of 2021

October 19, 2021

As we head into the final months of 2021, we cannot wait for our new holiday releases! 2021 has been a year to remember- we couldn't have done it without all of the hard work you- our amazing Artists- put into this business. Thank you for your resilience and dedication- let's finish this year with a bang!

Ready for a show-stopping 4th quarter? We’ve put together this timeline exclusive to our Artists to help you maximize your success through the end of the year. Read below for more details.

This timeline is privileged information and meant for Artist use only. The information must not be shared with customers. Sharing, using, or alluding to the information below to customers will result in disciplinary action.

All information and dates contained within this article are subject to change without notice.

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Sunday, October 31st

Arte Qualification Period Ends: We are thrilled for those that have qualified for the Arte Reward Trip! Your hard work and determination are truly inspiring, and the creativity and optimism you’ve shown in making every single month of the qualification period has been incredibly motivating. Keep that momentum going!

Retain Artist Challenge Closes: The final Artist Challenge of 2021 comes to a close at the end of October! As always, we will be opening up the submission form at the beginning of November for all those who have completed the Challenge. For more info about this Challenge, CLICK HERE.

End of October / Early November

Holiday releases will be available for Artists to purchase. Holiday release details will be shared with Artists.

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Holiday releases will be available for customers to purchase.

End of November

Black Friday Specials Announced: The excitement keeps on coming! Specials that will kick off on Black Friday will be announced before Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

Holiday releases and Black Friday Specials will be launched and available for Artists and customers to purchase.


End of December

Boxing Day sale details released to Artists.


Artist Birthday Party Details Shared: We look forward to celebrating the Artist Program every year, and this one is no exception! The 2022 party will include an Artist sign-up special, the 2023 Reunion theme announcement, and more.

Sunday, December 26th

Boxing Day Sale: One of your favorite shopping holidays of the year: Boxing Day! Our Boxing Day special will be available for all Artists and customers.