A Little Party Update

September 29, 2020

We wanted to let you know of a slight change that will be made to party rewards as of Friday, October 2nd. Currently, when a party is created, only an Artist can close the party and checkout. With this new change, only the hostess will be able to close the party. Please note, only Artists can open a party. This change will apply to all existing parties and any parties opened in the future. There is still no limit to how long a party can remain open.

To close a party, your customers will log in to their account and there they will find a parties tab. They can see their party stats and close and redeem their party rewards when they are ready.

As an ongoing rule, one individual may only open one new party per month. Artists, as well as customers, are still able to host parties and take advantage of the program to earn party rewards, but this rule will now be enforced through the party rewards programing.