Artist Spotlight

Professional Makeup Artist and Mother of Three, Amanda Miller

This month we're spotlighting Artist Ambassador, Amanda Miller, from Pocahontas, IL

April 18, 2019

Amanda Miller | Pocahontas, IL | Artist Ambassador

Amanda lives in Southern Illinois, just 30 minutes east of St. Louis with her husband and two little girls, Brea (10) and Kinley (7). She has been a professional makeup artist since 2005 and has worked with New Balance, Style Network, Sony Music, Hooters, Maxim Magazine, Rams Cheerleaders, Bridal Magazine and lots more. After years of working heavily in the commercial/television and bridal industry, she felt her passion start to shift. She had a strong desire to help the "Everyday Woman" learn how to easily apply makeup. It's always been her belief that women tend to make makeup way more complicated than it should be. So, she had a new mission to share her message that makeup is fun and empowering, not difficult and monotonous.

She backed off of booking the commercial jobs, found a little studio space to rent, and started focusing on teaching women how to easily apply their makeup. From there, believe it or not, she and her husband were in the beginning stages of creating her own makeup line. They had been researching chemists, labs, and investors. She had a vision to make women not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful as well. Confidence is everything, and when clients sit in her chair, it's her mission that they leave feeling like they could rule the world.

In the process of creating her own makeup line, Amanda’s friend, Lauren Mortensen, announced that she was a Maskcara Artist. Amanda says,"Lauren had always supported my career as a freelance makeup artist, so I thought it was time to pay it forward and support her with her new career endeavors. I purchased a Basic HAC know...Highlight, Contour, Lip + Cheek, and an Illuminator, along with the 30 Second HAC Brush. From there, all plans to create my own line went out the window. Everything I was working so hard to create was already created, and at my fingertips! Not to mention that Cara's business motto aligned 100% with my own business motto."

Amanda became an Artist with Maskcara at the end of August 2017, and she had absolutely no intention of growing a team or working the business as a business. She just wanted to get this makeup onto as many faces as humanly possible!

I had never been so passionate about a product as I am about Maskcara, and that's saying a lot considering I've worked with so many brands for well over a decade. I spent hours teaching and guiding women how to make their Maskcara kit work specifically for them, in a way that they would wear it every single day, all while feeling more beautiful and confident."

Amanda has sold $88,920 over the last year! She really focuses on how happy people are and the way they feel. She says "I don't have a large social media following, I just have passion."

Now that she's been with Maskcara for over a year and a half, she's once again shifted her vision for her business — she's now more focused on growing her team! Training them to teach other women how to apply their makeup. She loves that the artists on her team feel the power - and the potential - of what can happen when you share makeup knowledge, along with great products, to other women.

Amanda's favorite Maskcara event was Honeymoon in Cancún this past January. Her favorite Lip + Cheek color is Hollywood with Desert Sunset on top, or mix Frenchie, Dahlia and Glow — sounds amazing! She doesn't watch much tv, but her and her husband have watched Shameless and Ray Donovan. Her favorite food is avocado toast with goat cheese - erry-day! She doesn't have just one favorite place to vacation — she just loves to travel!

Amanda Miller – Family
Ty, Amanda, Kinley (7), Brea (10)

It's pretty amazing what can happen when you follow your heart. I've met the coolest women and have had some incredible opportunities since joining this company. I am forever grateful.

If you're a new artist, or even a struggling artist, just know that you can't compare your story to someone else. You have to get extremely specific on what it is that you want and why you joined Maskcara. For me, I was on a mission to teach women how to confidently and effortlessly apply makeup on themselves every single day. I wanted women to look forward to applying their makeup instead of viewing it as a chore. That was my “why”, that was my purpose, that was my passion. I created a plan to execute by setting up events, scheduling one on one makeovers, and even scheduling FaceTime appointments with women to guide them with their makeup applications. Your "Why" is probably different than mine, so be clear on exactly what it is, and then make a plan that helps you accomplish your “why”. Once you have a plan, then work - or should I say werk (haaaay! 😉) - as hard as you can. And don't make excuses. Any time I find myself making excuses, I make sure to put myself in check, or I'll talk to my best friends that are really good at cheering me on. You will be amazed at how far finding your “why” and working your passion will get you. Above all, go with the flow and have fun! We only live once, so make it good! ❤️”