Artist 2020 Tax Year FAQs

January 25, 2021

Tax season is almost upon us again, so we wanted to give you a little heads up with some important tax information. See below for some FAQs, and don't hesitate to contact ASK if you have any further questions.

Who will get a tax form?

  • All US Artists who earned over $600 in commission in 2020 will receive a 1099 form by Jan 31st, by email. The email will come from 1099Online (noreply@1099online.com). It will refer to the Artist by name and require a combination of your social security number/EIN and name as password.
  • All Canada Artists who earned more than $500 CAD in commission in 2020 will receive a T4A Slip that will be mailed by March 1st. Canadian Artists will receive additional communication for what to expect in the coming weeks.

*Please note, we will not provide US 1099 forms for those who earned less than $600 in US commission or CAN T4A forms for those that earned less than $500 CAD in sales.

How will I receive the tax form?

US: They will only be sent via email, so please be sure to confirm the email listed in your back office is correct.

CAN: ✨UPDATE✨ T4A slips will be mailed via US mail by March 1st.

When will the 2020 tax forms be ready?

US: January 31st, 2021

CAN: March 1st, 2021

Do I need to do anything if I made under $600 USD/$500 CAD?

We are only required to provide a tax form if an artist made over $600 in commission in the US and $500 in sales in Canada. For any other tax questions please consult your tax professional.

Where can I find my YTD numbers?

Your YTD (Year to Date) total is listed on the main page of your back office, or you can download your commission payouts from your Paylution account

Who should I contact if I didn't receive my tax forms by the expected date?

Please reach out to ASK and they can help!