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Artist Challenge V: RETAIN

September 27, 2021

Seint Artist Challenge V: RETAIN

October 1-31, 2021

Customers are the life-line to your business. Not only do they become your residual income, they may turn into party hostesses or your downline in the future. This is why keeping your most precious resource - your customers - coming back is essential for not only Seint’s business and success, but yours as well.

For more information on all things Artist Challenges, see the Seint Gallery post: 2021 Artist Challenge FAQS

Here is what you need to do to earn the Artist Exclusive Onyx Shape Brush for the "Retain Your Customers" Challenge in October!


Complete the following criteria:

1. Watch the "Retain Your Customers" training video on Seint Gallery- or in the Artist App in the Learn section- and read through the corresponding “Retain your Customers” PDF on Seint Gallery

2. Watch Jocelyn McClellan’s customer training from Dulce in the TOOLS > ARTIST TRAININGS section on the Seint App. *It will be available to view on October 1st.

3. Reach out to 5 different customers a week — not necessarily makeup/Seint related. Things like a thinking of you email, a birthday card, or a text just to say “Hi!” Don’t forget to use the Seint App when applicable! (20 total check-ins for the month) *If you don’t have that many customers then do this with friends and family.

4. Season change check-in with ALL your customers. Be sure they have the correct highlight as we are transitioning into fall.

5. Share your “WHY” on social media - FB, IG Post, IG Stories, IGTV - whatever fits you best! This can help people connect with you, and can help create loyalty.

6. Take the time to leave some heartfelt comments on 5 different customers' social media posts each week. (20 total comments for the month) *If you don’t have that many customers then do this with friends and family.

7. Create content for your customers to refer to. They may not want to reach out directly for a how-to application once their makeup arrives, but if you already have it saved for easy access, they could easily go there/view it to learn before possibly giving up or being too shy to ask for help.

INSTAGRAM: Create easy how-to IGTV’s or stories and save them on your Highlight bubbles for specific categories of your business. For example: Application, Eyes, How to clean your brushes, or add an “About Me” section!


FACEBOOK: Create easy how-to videos and post them in your group in an Album, or pin them to the top of the feed. For example: Application, Eyes, How to clean your brushes, or add an “About Me” section!

THEN, also upload your created content to the Seint App.

APP: To upload your own images, videos or PDFs watch this newly added video in the APP. Go to APP TRAININGS > UPLOAD CONTENT TUTORIAL.
*A major benefit to utilizing the App is that you can track the views and progress of your customer.

  • If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, head to the App Store on your mobile device, search “Seint” and download it directly from there. Use your Seint backoffice credentials to login.
  • If you need a refresher on the app watch our APP TRAINING REPLAY HERE

8. Create a message template for a follow-up to send to your customers after they make a purchase — utilize the Drip Campaigns in the Seint App to help you get started. A message template/Drip Campaign is a series of 2-3 messages to give customers information about their newly purchased makeup, and is a strategic way to follow up with customers.*

To view to the Drip Campaign in the APP, go to TOOLS > DRIP CAMPAIGNS > SELECT YOUR PREFERRED CAMPAIGN.

To edit the Drip Campaign(s), it is best to do this from a desktop:

  1. Go to and login with your credentials
  2. Click “Media” in the top gray bar (left of center)
  3. Scroll down and click “Drips”
  4. Select a drip campaign and make your edits from there

Let them know you are there to help. Add in any helpful videos for beginners, troubleshooting tips, + link to your social media for helpful videos, etc.

*Artists must be active (240CV) for the month of October to be eligible to earn the Onyx Wash Brush

*Submit your challenges from November 1st - November 7th. The form will be posted to Seint Gallery on November 1st and will close at midnight on the 7th. Please note, we will be verifying challenges through November 10th. If you don’t hear from us, that's good news!