Artist Communication

June 30, 2020

Stay in the know with weekly updates straight from HQ. We are an ever-growing company, with new Maskcara sisters joining our tribe daily. As such, we wanted to give a refresher for where you can get updates on all things Maskcara business.

Sources of communication:

  1. Follow @maskcaraartists on Instagram. This is one of our main ways we get information to you with almost daily updates and reminders, so make sure you and all of your upline/downline are following us!
  2. Make sure you check frequently for more detailed information on what is happening within the Maskcara community.
  3. Subscribe to our Telegram channel. This is where we post warehouse updates, webinar reminders, and other time-sensitive information.
  4. Request to join our Maskcara Artist Group (MAG) on Facebook. This is the main area where you can connect and collaborate with your Maskcara sisters. This is also where we host Cara's monthly webinars! We occasionally post updates here, but since they can get buried with all of the other posts, Instagram and HQ are your best sources for staying in-the-know.
  5. Make sure your email address is up-to-date in your back office so you can receive our Artist recap emails we send out twice a month.

We work hard to keep our Artists updated on things they need to know, and we appreciate everyone's support in helping to keep your teams updated with information!