Marketing Materials Update

September 28, 2020

We have transitioned the new Artist marketing material to digital content and are in the process of transitioning the HAC, Eyeshadow Cards, and the Milk Manifesto to digital content as well; this ensures that the information is always the most up to date as possible. This also means fast and easy reference for you and your customers and a few extra trees to hug!

Instead of receiving those items physically in the mail, Artist Kits will contain a QR code that will send them to HQ where they can find the digital marketing materials under the “resources” tab. For the information usually found on the HAC card and eyeshadow cards, you can send your customers to the “How to Page” on the Maskcara Beauty website effective Friday, October 2nd. For the Milk Manifesto you can find that under the Tres Leches product page under the More Info tab.

We encourage you to send a follow up email to customers when they place an order with either the link to the “How To” page or the card information itself, linked below. This is a great way to connect with your customers and add a personal touch.