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Artist SUGAR Challenges FAQ

January 17, 2020

True love is sweeter than sugar! We think you're really going to love what 2020 has in store for you. Introducing: the SUGAR challenges! This year, Maskcara will be running a series of challenges for Artists to participate in throughout the duration of 2020. These challenges are in connection with Cara’s SUGAR training, which she presented at Reign in August. Those who participate will earn these sweeter-than-true-love keychains. Read below for more info!

What are the SUGAR challenges?

The SUGAR challenges are a set of challenges that Maskcara will be hosting for Artists in 2020. The challenges correlate with Cara’s SUGAR training that she presented at Reign in 2019. Share everyday Use the product Guide your team Ace that color match Retain your customers Throughout 2020, Maskcara will release a set of challenges you will be able to complete within that month. These challenges are a fun way to encourage you to incorporate SUGAR - and to remain consistent - in your day-to-day Maskcara business. *To learn more about SUGAR, please see the SUGAR training videos here on Maskcara HQ.

Why do I want to participate in the SUGAR challenges?

We have created five beautiful keychain charms that represent each letter of SUGAR. Once you complete the challenges for each letter, you will receive the corresponding charm. Don’t be left behind...You are going to want all five, gorgeous charms!

How do I earn the keychains?

Every couple months, we will release new challenges focusing on a particular letter of SUGAR that you can complete during the challenge month. At the end of each time period, you will need to submit a form verifying you have completed the challenges as outlined.

Here is the sugar challenge schedule for 2020:

Share - February 1st - February 29th

Use - April 1st - April 30th

Guide - June 1st - June 30th

Ace - August 1st - August 31st

Retain - October 1st - October 31st

How do I submit my challenges to receive my keychain?

When we release each SUGAR challenge, we will also include a Google Form link. Once you have completed all challenges for each time period, fill out the Google Form link for that letter in order to submit your challenges for review. We will have separate forms for each challenge period.

Can I earn keychains after the challenge timeframe has passed?

You cannot earn the keychains after the challenge timeframe has ended. Challenges must be submitted and completed during the specific challenge periods.