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Aspire to inspire

August 03, 2020

We’ve all been there. Working your first job out of high school, trying to make your dreams come true, and your options are limited with the opportunities that are out there. So you take the first job that comes your way. Chances are, we’ve all worked a retail job at some point - grocery stores, clothing chains, etc. Cara is no stranger to working these types of jobs.

Being on the other side of a business - not behind the scenes, but rather in front of them - made her realize how not to run her business if she ever got her own. A lot of big companies are so focused on making money and selling products, that they’re not worried about customer retention or making sure their customers are taken care of. This stood out to Cara with multiple retail jobs she worked at. There wasn’t a lot of consideration taken into what the customers actually needed or wanted - it was all about what these big corporations could sell them.

So Cara came to the conclusion that while a sales-focused approach works for some companies, she knew she never wanted that to be her own business model someday. Cara’s own approach to her business is that she wanted her love of people and her products to shine through. She never wanted her business to be about how much money she could make - she always wanted it to be focused around how she could help make someone’s life better with products she’s created.

It’s also common to see business models out there that follow the same rules and paths as other businesses - there’s really no sense of individuality. This is part of why Cara says to focus on your goals and what you can do for your customers, rather than doing what everyone else is doing. The same goes for makeup and teaching others how to apply our products. If you just look at someone’s face and give them the same advice you’ve given all of your previous customers, you’re not looking at them individually. You’re looking at them as a whole, and not someone you want to take care of and make sure they feel comfortable with the product.

Cara encourages you to look not only as your customers as someone to treat well, but also yourself. Value yourself as much as you value your customers. The love you have for the products and for yourself will shine through, and your customers will be able to see this. They won’t feel like a number on a list, but rather like someone you value and want the best for.

Cara also wants to remind you that results aren’t everything. It’s easy to get caught up in the results, but they aren’t everything. Part of success can be seen in the way you’ve grown and changed with your business. Success can be measured in so many different ways, that basing your value off of results is cutting you short from a world of growth and opportunity.

Along with all of this is comparing yourself to others. Cara encourages you to not try to be like anybody else. There’s only one you, and nobody can run your business like you can. However, Cara says getting inspired by other people can lead to great success of your own. Look at what others are doing, and think of ways you can put your own spin or twist on it. Be original, and take chances with your business, and with yourself. You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you really let go of the comparison trap and start living in an inspired universe. To watch Cara’s full webinar, click here