Monthly Messages

Beauty is all around us

December 10, 2019

There are many aspects and components that involve makeup and its application process. The people who wear the makeup have learned skills for applying it and have taught themselves tips and tricks for making it their own unique style. Cara’s question with all of this is: but what about the beauty aspect? How important is the “looking pretty” that all makeup companies cater to, but don’t really talk about? And for us, in our everyday lives, how much weight does “looking pretty” really carry in the grand scheme of things when we have so much going on in our daily lives?

Cara has asked these important questions while thinking about the next steps for Seint. She started to ask herself if wanting to look pretty was bad. If it was vain to have that as a goal. Or, if wanting to look a certain way was neither a good thing or a bad thing. Throughout her life, Cara says she has gone back and forth in thinking about it both ways, and eventually settled on that it’s okay to want to look pretty.

After thinking on it for a couple of years, Cara started to really ponder what beauty means to each individual person and if it holds more merit than just being a means to an end. Cara hopes to convince you that beauty does matter, but it doesn’t always have to look the same for everyone.

To start, Cara explains how there is beauty in everything if you look for it. There’s beauty in art and paintings. Not only in the visual aspect, but also in the time and effort it takes someone to be able to create masterpieces that get displayed in museums. Even if you’re not a painter, when you take time and effort to sit down and create something that you’re proud of - something beautiful - you know the story behind the work. This makes looking upon other works of creation more rewarding because you know the thought that has gone into making it.

Sometimes we perceive something to be beautiful, but we can’t really explain the how’s and why’s. We just know that it is. Think of music or architecture, both of these things are ways in which people express themselves, but through different mediums. The feelings they each evoke can resemble each other, yet they were created out of completely different circumstances. This beauty that people have created for the sole purpose of being beautiful is part of what makes it beautiful. Think of the reverent feelings you get when visiting an old building and seeing the history behind each crack in the wall and attention to detail - this is what Cara is talking about, that beauty can’t be defined by just one word or one feeling. These unexplainable feelings are what make life powerful and meaningful.

After taking a lot of time to think about all of this, Cara wondered why it was so hard for this to translate. For how easy it is to be moved by something that is beautiful, why is it so hard for us to think about our physical appearance in that way. Why is there resistance with taking pride in your appearance? What is causing this friction? Cara concluded that any time something is really powerful, there are other elements that get involved. When physical appearance blends with sexualized beauty ideals, and beauty becomes a commodity of something that we trade in order to get something else (i.e. special treatment), it starts to create a negative balance.

After realizing all of this, Cara next wondered how do we put an emphasis on our physical appearance without letting it become something negative. She wanted to know how we can feel confident in ourselves and take pride in our appearance without putting so much emphasis on “standard ideas of beauty.” Cara decided that art is a great way to bridge that gap. When you go to an art museum, you can see so much diversity in humans. People who get drawn in paintings aren’t the people we see everyday on the covers of magazines. In fact, those people are only a small percentage of the population, because what you see in art are the people who more closely represent everyone else. It all comes down to our human-ness, and how each and everyone one of us is beautiful in our own right. It’s our individuality that makes us beautiful, not fitting in with everyone else. If we start to look at beauty as something that everyone gets to have, and it’s not exclusive to a chosen few, we start to realize that our mission as makeup artists is not to cover up the beauty, but to enhance it. We owe it to ourselves to take the time to find the beauty that stares back at us in the mirror - we owe it to ourselves to love and take care of our bodies. What we do matters, no matter how big or small the task may seem. Being able to see the beauty in yourself will help you to see the beauty in others. Good things can only make other good things better.

You can watch the full webinar here.