Best Practice: Next Steps for Departed Artist

November 17, 2020

A part of building a Seint business is mentoring and leading Artists that sign up underneath you. It takes time and special attention to make sure these Artists feel loved and confident in our community and we are so grateful to our Artists who take such amazing care of their teams!

However, we also know that after someone signs up as an Artist they may decide that it is not for them and that IS OKAY! It is important to graciously support your Artist who has decided to move in a different direction.

We wanted to provide some recommendations on how to handle the situation if you have a team member who decides to depart from the Artist Program so that they still feel connected to YOU and the Seint brand.

Here are the next steps:

  1. First and foremost, reach out to her and thank her for impacting your life and business. Being an Artist is not always the right fit for everyone and we want the relationships built before or with Seint to be your first priority.
  2. Next, see if she is interested in earning free Seint products as your customer. If so, you can set up her up with a hostess reward link.
  3. Explain she can also have her old customers use that link when they would like to order so she can earn free makeup without being an Artist.
  4. Reach out to her downline and make sure they know you are their new upline and point of contact.
  5. Reach out to her customers so they know you are available to help them moving forward.

This will help ensure a seamless process as your Artist transitions from the role of Artist to Customer and it will help with the transitioning of her downline and customers to you as their new Artist.