Boxing Day Update

December 31, 2020

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying some extra time with those you love. At Seint Headquarters, we are constantly striving to improve the Artist experience, and with that comes both the excitement as well as the challenges of new processes, promotions, products, and technologies.

We were eager to celebrate our first Boxing Day with you and know the day was met with a mix of excitement and frustration. It was for us as well! We knew this sale would be welcomed with a big response and heavy traffic, as we have never offered a sale of this magnitude before. We spent considerable time prior to the launch preparing and testing a new system to prevent overselling. It was this system that we had spent so much time preparing, that created a system crash and ultimately had to be abandoned in order to get the sale up and running on Boxing Day. The domino effect of this glitch was indeed the overselling of products, the very thing we were trying to prevent, which also means we have to provide refunds for products we won’t be able to deliver on. We realize this isn’t ideal and clawbacks of commission are never something we want to do. We will be holding off on further returns until January to avoid affecting ranks for December.

For our Canadian Artists, we had already begun refunding oversold products when we made the decision to pause the returns process. We apologize if this has caused frustration! If your rank is being adversely affected, please contact us with an email to ASK with the subject line “Hold Refund” and we will reverse those refunds until January so you have time to make up for those sales being reversed.

We understand that clawbacks of any kind at any time can be disheartening. We share your disappointment and frustration at Headquarters; we invested time and effort to create a better experience for our Artists and customers, that ultimately did not go according to plan. Your success is our success, and we will continue to work hard to improve our processes for the benefit of every Artist.

Moving forward, we are eagerly anticipating an exciting month with the Artist Birthday Party and Demi customer launch happening in January. We hope these events will help all Artists to have a successful month of sales. We are so grateful for your willingness to work hard alongside us as a united team, and are looking forward to kicking off 2021!

🖤 The Seint Team