Monthly Messages

Clear the clutter

July 06, 2020

Learning how to make products is one of the funnest things Cara has ever done. She’s always believed that having the background knowledge for how Seint’s products are made has helped her see success in this business. Gaining the knowledge for how her products are made was very important to her, because if she’s going to put her name on something, she wants to be 100% confident in it.

So the first step in Cara’s process for product-making is the approach she takes. She’s always had this core value - that she’s instilled in her company - that beauty matters, and once you make something beautiful, it will always have value. Even though we’re in 2020, too often the need for something to be useful supersedes the need for it to be beautiful. Even growing up, Cara got used to the idea of “it doesn’t matter how it looks, just as long as it works” - but as she’s done more research and delved into the beauty industry, she’s realized how truly vital beauty is for us as human beings.

Along with this, it’s not always about what the end product looks like - it’s just as important to put thought and intention behind the building process as it is the end result. Just like it’s important not only how the product looks on the face, but also how it looks by itself. At Seint, Cara has tried to capture this idea by making a makeup line that enhances the natural beauty of each face it goes on, as well as looking beautiful by itself - every element of it should look and feel special, with the intention behind its beauty clear in every small detail. Everything from the packaging, to the packaging of the packaging, is well-thought-out and designed to be beautiful. One of Cara’s favorite concepts for designing her makeup and tins is “if the packaging doesn’t hurt to throw away, it wasn’t good enough.”

The next step in Cara’s production process is the element of clutter. She grew up hating stacks of random objects and too much decor - her mom was always big on the “no clutter” train, so Cara has adopted this in her own home. So when Cara thinks of the beauty industry, and all the clutter that’s present in other makeup brands, it makes her so grateful for Seint and its clean, chic designs. To clarify, what Cara means by clutter in the beauty industry are products that are just there to fill the shelves - they don’t make you feel beautiful when you put them on, and they don’t look beautiful sitting on your counter. A lot of companies will have the same products (i.e. foundation) and just slap their own label and brands on them. The formula and outcome is the same, so what you’re essentially paying for is the brand name. This creates clutter, because it’s just more of the same thing with no new ideas or sense of fulfillment being brought to the table.

One of Cara’s rules when thinking about new products to develop is: will it bring enhancement to the makeup industry? She is really adamant about NOT making something that’s already out there - she wants to create new, original ideas that make the beauty industry better, and not make it cluttered. Seint is all about creating something special and unique that no one has made before, which is why all of the products are literally one-of-a-kind. It’s important to note that Cara doesn’t strive to have a special and unique product just so it’s special and unique - her whole purpose is to create a makeup product that is going to change the lives of whoever is using it, and so it has to be special and unique to accomplish this.

Another place Cara has really tried to strengthen Seint is by reputation. She knows how important it is to be confident in the product you’re selling, so she wanted to create something that YOU, the Artists, feel absolutely comfortable with putting your name behind. Cara knows that if her name is on something, she’s created a product that she truly, 100% loves, and that you’ll also love too. You can rest assured that if Cara says she loves something, then she truly does love it. There’s no sense in saying otherwise for her, because the passion, love and trust comes before the makeup does.

Lastly, Cara has never fallen into the trap of “makeup trends,” or using buzz words to create attention around the product. She’s always been adamant that the makeup speaks for itself, and that we don’t need to try and make it something it’s not. You’ll often see companies pushing how “clean and cruelty free” their products are, but it’s always kind of suspicious why they feel the need to keep redirecting our attention to that aspect of the makeup (or products), and that aspect alone. Seint has exceptionally clean makeup products - Cara has made sure the ingredients list is very concise and short, with names you can actually pronounce and understand. This was never a trend for Seint - Cara never wanted to gain attention by making a product to fit a trend - it’s been clean from the very beginning.

Cara’s biggest thing is staying classic and honest with everything they do. At the end of the day, everyone appreciates honesty and transparency more than they appreciate a five minute trend. To watch Cara’s full webinar, click here.