Demi Colour Shopping Experience

January 21, 2021

As we welcome Demi Colour this next week, we want everyone to feel confident with what the Seint shopping experience will look like with two different make-up systems; Demi Colour and IIID Foundation.

In order to best support your efforts to specifically market IIID or Demi to your customers, we have created separate domains for each system. This will help customers find the products that you recommend easily and avoid any confusion between brushes and palettes. Skincare, apparel, and carries will be available on both sites. Here are the details:

Demi Colour Changes

How + will work together:

  1. Both websites will have a shared cart so customers can purchase products from and and checkout under one cart with one transaction.
  2. At this time, there will not be a permanent link on the website to and vice versa. Customers can be sent the specific links based on their makeup needs and interests. However, expect to see a temporary Demi Colour banner on the Seint Official website for the Demi Customer Release on January 26th, 2021.
  3. All Artists will have both replicated website links. Artists can choose which links to share based on customer needs and interest.
  4. If a customer would like to add both Demi Colour products and IIID products to a single cart, they will need to navigate to each individual domain to do so.
  5. Customer account logins are the same for both domains. If a customer already has an account on Seint Official, that login will work on Demi Colour; any new customer accounts created on Demi Colour will also work on the Seint Official site.
  6. IIID orders and Demi Colour orders CAN count toward the same party. The appropriate party link will be the same, but with either the seintofficial or demicolour domain. Artists can share one or both links with customers, and all orders placed through those links will be counted together.
  7. Hostess Rewards for a single party can be redeemed for BOTH IIID Foundation + Demi Colour. You would simply need to use both domains to add products to the single cart for checkout with hostess rewards.
  8. Your back office will be linked to both domains and can be accessed by either domain.

Products available on each domain:

Demi Colour Changes 2