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Demi Colour Webinar Recap

How Demi Colour was born

February 04, 2020

IIID Foundation on left, Demi Colour on right

The beauty industry is a vast and seemingly limitless world, yet it feels like companies are just replicating products made by other companies. It’s incredibly difficult to break out of this mold and create something entirely from scratch - something that has never been done before. Yet, Cara has managed to do this not once, but twice.

We first fell in love with IIID Foundation - the perfect makeup for moms-on-the-go, or for people who aren’t familiar with makeup and need somewhere to start. The formulation of IIID Foundation has been unmatched since it hit the market - it’s what Seint was built on. So why “fix” something if it isn’t broken, right? Because we have someone the rest of the beauty industry doesn’t have. We have Cara.

In the beginning of 2019, Cara broke down all of Seint’s products to get a better idea of what she wanted to work on next. She was going back and forth with many new and exciting ideas, but couldn’t decide exactly where she wanted to focus her attention. She almost felt as if she was being pulled in too many directions, and wasn’t able to give 100% attention to creating something amazing.

So Cara decided to focus on what Seint is absolutely the BEST at: IIID Foundation, skin and color. Cara knew that there were gaps in IIID Foundation’s line to be more inclusive for all skin tones, and she also wanted to make color matching easier to understand. This is where Cara decided to focus all of her creative energy - into building something that would accommodate more skin tones while being simple and easy to understand.
Cara broke down all of Seint’s products so she could better understand the science behind why and how the colors worked. In doing so, she was able to comprehend the actual science behind colors, and not just the act of covering something up with a skin-toned shade.

Thus, Demi Colour was born. Cara thought she had learned all there was to learn about makeup, so when she cracked the door on Demi, she almost couldn’t believe it - she had to open her eyes and relearn everything she thought she knew. Demi is undetectable. Cara dares you to take a magnifying glass to a face that has Demi on it - she bets you won’t be able to tell there is makeup on the skin, it’s that good.

Demi Colour utilizes color science, bringing you an array of colors (we’re talking pink, green, purple, orange, etc) and shades to your palette like you’ve never seen before. The use of these colors doesn’t come from color-correcting, then covering it up with more foundation. Demi is applied directly to the skin as your one and only base. Have dark circles? Nothing some orange can’t fix. Blemishes? Try green. Demi utilizes color science like nothing else on the market.

We absolutely cannot wait for you all to get your hands on Demi Colour! We released an FAQ yesterday, so be sure to check that out for any questions you may have regarding Demi. And watch for Demi training videos to be released in the next couple of weeks.

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