Demi Facebook Group + Updates

December 21, 2020

Come one, come all!

We have started an Artist Facebook Group dedicated to Demi Colour. The group will give additional support and training for those Artists interested in learning more and mastering the new Seint makeup system.

You do not need to be Demi certified. You only need to be a Seint Artist. You can find the group and new training videos from Cara here.

Other Demi updates -

For those who didn't catch this update in the Artist Birthday Party post - We are postponing the Demi customer release until Tuesday, January 26th so that January 15th (the Artist Birthday Party) can be focused on celebrating and promoting our Artist Program. However, new Artists can sign-up with the Demi Colour Artist Edits starting on January 15th!

Headquarters will begin talking about Demi the first of January on social media. At that time Artists can also begin talking about Demi and telling potential Artists about the new Demi Colour Artist Edit sign-up option.

If you are ready to submit for Demi certification you can do that here. Please find more information about what is required for your Demi certification submission in your back office.