Demi Marketing Plan and Support Materials!

January 13, 2021

In preparation for the Demi Customer Release happening on Tuesday, January 26th, we want to give a rundown on some updates and the marketing game plan for these upcoming weeks, as well as connect you to the resources that will help you market and share Demi with your customers!


Demi Edit I and II Signup Option

As further clarification to the Revival Birthday Party post, Demi Artist Edits I & II WILL be available as a new Artist signup option on January 15th at the Artist Birthday Party. Signing up as a new Artist with the Demi Edits will be an exclusive offer that will not be promoted by HQ at the Artist Birthday Party or on the Seint Official website on January 15th. Instead, Artists may individually recommend or promote the Demi Artist Edits I and II signup options to their potential Artists as they see fit. Artists can share this link with potential Artists interested in signing up with Demi Edit I or II. We want to ensure Artists who sign up with Demi have a full understanding of what Demi is prior to the Demi customer release and be able to apply and certify successfully (as a reminder, Artists are not able to earn commission on Demi until certified). We want to provide the Demi Edit I and II signup option for potential Artists that you feel will be the right fit for Demi and who you are willing to invest extra time in supporting throughout the certification process and Demi product launch.  IIID Artist can enroll Demi Artists and Demi Artist can enroll IIID Artists. The link will be live on Friday at 3am MST and those using the link will be prompted to enter the name or ID number of the Artist they would like to enroll under.

Demi Colour Instagram Account

On Friday, January 15th, and in conjunction with a special Artist Birthday Party post about Demi, a new Demi Colour Instagram Account will be announced, dedicated solely to Demi promotion and support. This will include trainings, tutorials, marketing information, specialized tips, and additional support to anyone interested in learning more about or using Demi Colour. It will be similar to the Demi Colour Facebook group, but on Instagram and available to all Artists and customers. We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on this Instagram Account; we can’t wait to reveal it to you during the Artist Birthday Party!

Demi Return Policy

Please see the detailed return policy for Demi Edits Seint Gallery post.

Demi Colour Shopping Experience

Be watching for a Demi Colour Shopping Experience training and Q&A coming next week!



Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 Demi Marketing Material Shared in Seint Gallery Dropbox link

  • Demi Teaser Video
  • Demi Introduction Video (coming Friday)
  • Glossary of Demi names
  • Pallet layout cheat sheet
  • Demi cheat sheets for easy application tips (coming soon)
  • Before and after photos
  • Demi photoshoot images
  • Demi Edit images + individual tins/brushes/compact images
  • Testimonials from Artists who have tried and love Demi
  • The Demi Colour Wheel

Artist Birthday Party

January 15th, 20201

  • Artist Demi Edit I and II are available as a new Artist signup option on January 15th through this link. Those wanting to promote this signup option can do so as they see fit.
  • A Demi Colour Instagram page will be announced for all those Artists and Customers who are interested in and want to learn more about Demi.

Artist Edit I


Artist Edit I $650 USD | $908 CAD

  • Mood Palette 49
  • 5 Brushes (Wash Brush, Shape Brush, Bright Brush, Spot Brush, Blur Brush)
  • 49 Singles

Artist Edit II


Artist Edit II $285 USD | $398 CAD

  • Mood Palette 20
  • 3 Brushes (Shape Brush, Bright Brush, Spot Brush)
  • 20 Singles

@seintofficial IG and the Seint Facebook

Friday, January 15th - Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

  • Sharing the basics of Demi Colour
  • Advertising the Demi Customer release date on Tuesday, January 26th
  • Sending people to the Demi Colour Instagram page for those who are interested in learning more.

Demi Colour Instagram (handle announced at the Artist Birthday Party)

Friday, January 15th - Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

  • Detailed Training
  • Detailed Tutorials
  • Information shared about Angel Edits and recommendations on which Angel - - Details on Angel Edits and training on which Angel Edits customers will need to get started.
  • Q & A
  • Building excitement for the release on January 26th.

Artist Involvement and Advertising

Friday, January 15th - Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

  • Send customers to the Demi Colour Instagram page
  • Share the marketing materials provided

*All Artists are free to share about Demi Colour if they choose to do so. Only Demi certified Artists should share Demi tutorials with customers! We recommend teaching Demi to your customers just like you did in your certification video! Keep the tutorials to a reasonable length and focus on applying Demi to certain areas of the face so you do not overwhelm your viewers.

Demi Colour Customer Release!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

  • Demi Colour available for purchase. More training on the Demi Colour shopping experience will be coming next week!
  • Announcement made on the Seint Official Social Media pages that Demi is available for purchase and head to the Demi Colour Instagram Account for more information.
  • Demi Colour Launch on the Demi Colour Instagram Account.
  • Giveaways, Videos, and LIVE Q&A
  • Demi Colour Artist signup option available on the website

We encourage you to refresh your memory on the Demi Colour FAQ in your back office prior to the Demi Customer Release Launch on Tuesday, January 26th!