Dulce Artist Video

“Embrace the Sweet Life”

June 19, 2020

This year’s Maskcara Reunion, Dulce, was inspired by the idea that everyone can have their cake and eat it too.

We believe you shouldn’t save dessert for last or wait to enjoy life until after the difficult tasks are overcome and the lofty goals are achieved! It’s the sweet and simple everyday moments that forge a beautiful life.

We want to hear from you!

We are working on a special project for Dulce and want our Artists to be a part of it - even if you aren’t attending. Consider the following prompt and send in a video with what it means to you.

Prompt: As an Artist, we want to know: what is your secret recipe for finding joy in the everyday moments while chasing your dreams? What does embracing the sweet life mean to you?

Please follow the guidelines as listed below for your submission to be considered for the Dulce Artist Video.

All video submissions are due by August 1st, 2020.


  • Video may be no longer than 30-45 seconds with your response to the prompt
  • Video must be sent in landscape (turn your phone sideways) and in MP4 and .MOV format
  • A neutral background is preferable, near good natural lighting
  • Your body should take up 2/3 of the frame
  • Make sure your audio is clear and crisp


Refer to the graphic below with the video filming preferences: