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Lend a helping hand "Just in Time"

April 08, 2021

We are so excited for our Endless Summer reunion in September. Each year, we like to incorporate our foster care Foundation, Love Is Never Wasted, at our annual Reunion by seeking out a local foster care group that is making a difference in our host city. This year we have chosen to partner with Just in Time, located in San Diego. Just In Time helps provide support, aid, and many, many services to local youth that have aged out of the foster system. This amazing group provides youth, ages 18-26, with every tool they need to thrive in the next phase of their life.

When we were attending our site visit at our incredible Reunion site- the Town and Country in San Diego- we were able to meet in person with Just in Time at their office, and we were so impressed. Their goals are very similarly aligned with what our goals are at Love Is Never Wasted, and they truly are making a difference in these kids’ lives. This is why we do not want to limit our partnership to just a weekend in September. We can do so much more!

One of the things that impacted us the most was this video- we encourage you to watch it and learn more about foster care, and especially youth who have aged out of the system. It gives a brief look into what these children face as they turn 18 and are essentially left to figure everything out for themselves.

As we were learning more about Just in Time, we were asked a question: “Who you would call at 3 am if you needed help?” Most of us have a support system in place and can instantly think of who we’d call with no hesitation. But for these youth who have aged out of foster care — they really don’t have someone they can call. That is where Just in Time steps in and offers support. Just In Time’s services are designed to lead to lasting transformation by combining essential resources and knowledge with a reliable and caring community that offers the consistent love and support that is often missing in the lives of foster youth. Just In Time participants have access to everything, like access to basic essentials, education, and housing. You can learn about all their youth services offered here.

Now all of us from our Seint and Love is Never Wasted families have a special opportunity to help these special youth in the Southern California area. There are a few ways we are partnering with Just In Time at our Endless Summer Reunion, and in the months leading up to it. Even if you aren’t attending Endless Summer, we would still love and appreciate your participation in some of these efforts as they are all for a very worthy cause!

1. Charity Dinner: Friday evening on September 10th. Artists can purchase a $50 ticket in addition to their Endless Summer registration ticket to attend the foster care charity dinner taking place before General Session II. All proceeds will be given to the Just in Time foundation in San Diego. This event will be capped at 1,000 tickets. Since registration is closed, you can edit your registration HERE and add the dinner if you’d like to do so. We currently only have 300 tickets left, so be sure and grab yours before they’re gone!

2. Activity at Endless Summer on September 9th from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM: stop by our Foundation Pop-Up during Reunion to learn a little more about the difference you can make. More details to come!

3. A portion of the proceeds from each Love Is Never Wasted Bundle (coming at the end of April) in honor of National Foster Awareness month will be donated to Just in Time.

4. Target Registry Drive Contest (details below)

One service that Just in Time offers to their youth is the “My First Home” program. My First Home helps transform empty apartments into safe, stable and supportive places to live, with everything from new and gently-used furnishings and home goods from our caring community. This helps the youth they serve establish a fundamental first step toward building a secure future.


Any youth who qualifies for My First Home is invited to a shopping day at their My First Home Distribution Center, where they pair up with a volunteer shopper to choose the items needed to turn their apartment into a welcoming, comfortable place to call home. Their Distribution Center is stocked with everything needed to create a firm foundation, from gently-used furniture and décor to new beds, appliances, and cleaning supplies. Then, volunteer movers assist participants in transporting the items to the youth’s apartment and setting everything up. Volunteers from their community are also able to offer guidance on smart purchasing and home expenses moving forward.

Examples of items offered at their Distribution Center include dressers, nightstands, sofas and loveseats, tables, chairs, desks, new towel sets, new silverware sets, new dishware sets, new glassware sets, new pots and pans, new comforters and sheet sets, new pillows, lamps, new vacuums, new microwaves, new toasters, artwork, rugs, new cleaning supplies and much, much more.

Learn more about this service that Just In Time provides, and how Seint is partnering with Just In Time to host a drive for these young adults. Details are below- please be sure to watch Cara’s LIVE with Jennifer- an incredible employee at Just in Time- for more information about the organization and the amazing things they are doing.


We are so inspired by the way Just in Time is transforming these kids' lives and getting them set up in their first apartment/home that we want to help do all we can to help, and in doing so, we wanted to pass this opportunity along to all of our amazing Artists and their customers.


We are going to have four teams that will each have their own registry to purchase from. The teams will be based on your timezone — PST, MST, CST, and EST.

PST Target Charity Registry Link

MST Target Charity Registry Link

CST Target Charity Registry Link

EST Target Charity Registry Link

Contest starts Thursday, April 8th, and runs through Monday, May 31st.


One time zone will be victorious. The highest dollar amount purchased in the form of items and gift cards will determine the winning team.


The winning time team will get a special zoom call with Cara! Please note, customers can help their Artists by purchasing from their Artist’s team registry.