FAQs to share with potential new Artists

January 18, 2020

Interested in learning more about the amazing opportunities Maskcara offers, but not sure where to start? Below you will find some FAQs for people who are considering becoming an Artist like to know before they sign up.

What if I’m not great at makeup, but love the products?

Loving the products is really all you need to get started! Your passion for the makeup will help sell the makeup, more than your skills as an Artist will. Once you receive the makeup, just start practicing on as many people as possible! Not only will your makeup skills become stronger with practice, you will also start to see a shift in your confidence as well!

How will I know how to color match correctly?

We have a ton of training videos that you will have access to as soon as you sign up! These training videos will give you all the information you need to start color matching. After watching these training videos, we recommend practicing on as many faces as possible! Practice, practice, practice is what will help you color match correctly.

Can anyone join? Or is having experience as a makeup artist required?

Anyone can join our tribe! Makeup artist experience is not required to be an Artist for Maskcara! All you need to do is be willing to put in the work to learn the products and get experience by applying the makeup on others!

How much does it cost to start?

Basic Artist Kit is $199 US / $279 CAN Pro Artist Kit is $399 US (not available in CAN)

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, it’s $11.95 US / $14.95 CAN, a month. This gives you access to all the tools you’ll need to be a successful Artist!

Which of the two kits do you recommend to start with?

If you are in Canada, the choice is simple: the Basic Artist Kit! If you live in the US, we highly recommend the Pro Artist Kit, as you’ll eventually need all the colors that are in the Pro Kit anyway. If financially you don’t feel like you can get the Pro Kit, the Basic Kit is always a great place to start!

I’m not sure how to be successful and build up my clients?

Our industry is all about connecting one-on-one with people, because there’s nothing more powerful than sharing something you love with the people you care about! Cara has created an amazing training called SUGAR that helps you focus on being the best and most successful Artist you can be. SUGAR is broken down into five key areas you can focus on with your business. Once you sign up to be an artist you'll have access to training videos with more detailed information on SUGAR and all things Maskcara.

Share every day - Sharing doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. It should be intuitive, and should come naturally if you genuinely love the products and believe in Maskcara’s mission.

Use the product - The more you use the product, the more likely you are to find new things to love about it. Try new techniques, colors, looks, and pioneer creative solutions to common makeup issues or concerns.

Guide your team - One of the most fulfilling parts of this business is the impact you are able to make in someone else’s life. It doesn’t matter if you have one person on your team or hundreds - being able to guide your team successfully is a crucial aspect of this business.

Ace the color match - To go about the art of mastering the color match, we recommend you match at least four faces a month IN PERSON (more if you can manage it). The more you color match, the more familiar you will become with the makeup and how to apply it.

Retain your customers - Customers are the lifeline to your business. Not only do they become your residual income, but they may also turn into party hostesses or your downline in the future. This is why keeping your most precious resource - your customers - coming back is essential for not only Maskcara's business and success, but yours as well.

I don’t want to actively sell the makeup, but I want to sign up for the Artist discount. Can I do that?

We actually recommend that you don’t sign up just for the Artist discount. The Artist Kit will come with a bunch of colors that you probably won’t use or need. Can you imagine the amazing amount of makeup you could get if you spent your money on all your perfect colors?

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here.