Artist Spotlight

Fitness guru, Donnie Flaherty, on how she became a makeup artist

This month, we're spotlighting Top HACer, Donnie Flaherty, from Payson, Arizona

October 17, 2019

Donnie Flaherty is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and Maskcara makeup artist. Donnie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University in food and nutrition management, and loves all things fitness and health related. Donnie’s passion is making people feel good about themselves and finding their inner confidence, whether through physical strength or a beautiful makeover.

Donnie is a city girl at heart, living the small town life on her “Flaherty Farm” with her cowboy husband, four kids and their many horses, dogs, chickens, ducks and whatever animal/rodent/insect her kids come home with.

Donnie became an artist in July 2018 after having worn Maskcara for years. In fact, she’s been a Cara “groupie” since she began blogging and bought every product she recommended. Donnie even made a road trip to Vegas (where Cara was living at the time) to get a makeover. Cara was just about to release the first line of Maskcara, which is exactly what Cara used for her makeover. Donnie LOVED the makeup, and knew it would only get better. It wasn’t until Donnie had already sent multiple family members and friends to the website to purchase the makeup that she finally thought, “Hmmm, maybe I should just become an artist and actually do this!” Donnie loves makeup, but had never touched another face before, which was her biggest fear. After a lot of contemplating, Donnie decided to just go for it and after doing her first makeover, she was hooked. She can’t even believe that within a year of having no experience, she just flew to Ireland for her friend’s wedding, where she did her and her entire bridal party’s makeup. It was a dream! Wedding and special event makeup have definitely become a favorite of hers.

Donnie was so excited to attend her first Maskcara Conference this year at Reign, which was an amazing experience! She especially felt so honored when she was presented as one of the adoptive/foster families. When she walked into the conference room and saw her family’s picture hanging from that beautifully decorated tree, she got kind of emotional. Her two oldest children are adopted (they have fostered as well) and she knew that she was with a company that deeply cares about the things that are important to her. It was a really special moment.

Donnie Flaherty family

Besides helping ladies feel awesome in the gym and with their makeup, Donnie loves to travel, read, and if calories didn’t matter, she’d eat popcorn and chips and salsa every day. :) Donnie is a short hair/pixie lover and shares her ever-changing hairstyles on Instagram.

Donnie also loves to shop, since living in a small town has really upped her online shopping game. She loves finding deals and cute, affordable clothes, especially from Target and Amazon.

Donnie is so very appreciative of Maskcara for bringing out a side of her she never even knew existed. Being an artist is absolutely one of the best things she does, and she especially loves sharing her passion and love for it. She has met and become friends with so many different women, and it has truly opened her eyes to see the uniqueness and beauty in each and every woman she comes across. We all have so much to give and offer, and Donnie loves that we can all do that in our own special way!