Forever Collections 2021

November 03, 2021

“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” – The National Adoption Center

Foster care is something that is near and dear to our hearts, and we are so grateful that through Love is Never Wasted we are able to continue our mission of bringing awareness and support to foster care. One of the most impactful ways we’re able to bring awareness is by connecting our Seint audience with dedicated makeup collections centered around foster care.

During the month of May- which is Foster Care Awareness month and November, which is National Adoption Month- we create special collections to raise awareness around foster care. As a foster parent herself, Cara has seen first-hand the way it has touched her life and the lives of her children in miraculous ways. She has also seen the negative stigma surrounding the foster system in the US and is saddened by the way that stigma affects would-be foster parents when considering opening their homes to fostering. When Cara and Nick started Love is Never Wasted, they set out with a mission to:

DISPEL the negative myths and stigmas surrounding foster care and provide education and resources to communities and prospective foster families.

DIMINISH the surplus of children in the foster care system by encouraging families to open their hearts and provide safe and loving homes.

DEMONSTRATE that love is never wasted. Because helping children find love and support in a family setting that they otherwise wouldn’t have makes all the difference.

For National Adoption Month, we have carefully curated a collection aimed at supporting foster care, with the choice of either a Love is Never Wasted Tumbler or Hat as a free gift to show our appreciation for your support. This collection will be available to US Artists and Customers starting today, November 3rd, and will be available while supplies last.


Forever Collection 2021 A collection with a deeper meaning. Combining our love for foster care and makeup, this collection includes 6 eyeshadows in the shades: Trust, Pup, You Complete Me, Lullaby, Mama, and Sis, our Palette 4 in Silver, and either a free black Love Is Never Wasted Hat or a free matte black Love Is Never Wasted Tumbler (see pic below). You will have the option to decide which free item you want at checkout.



Please note: the Forever Collections are only available in the US. SV/CV is given on the Forever Collections.

hat and tumbler (1)