Artist Spotlight

From organic chemist to Maskcara Artist, Sarah Martin

This month, we're spotlighting Top HACer, Sarah Martin, from Nixa, Missouri

September 19, 2019

Sarah Martin currently lives in Nixa, which is a small town right outside of Springfield, Missouri. Yes, she lives in the town where THE Jason Bourne is from, and she’s convinced the writers must have thrown a dart at a map to come up with that one. She lives with her hard working hubby and three crazy kiddos, Kinley (7), Hudson (4 1/2) and Elijah (2), plus two elderly fou-fou dogs Riley and Ella, whom you’ve probably heard in the background of her videos, barking out the window.

Sarah was born and raised in Southwest Missouri, then moved to New York after college to pursue her graduate degree in organic chemistry (hence her name on Instagram: @thecontouredchemist). Sarah’s plan was to eventually work in cosmetic formulations (since she’s always had an obsession with makeup) but ultimately decided to move back home to be closer to her family. She met her husband a month later, started her career teaching at Missouri State University, and after 5 years decided to stay home full time when she was pregnant with her second child, since chemistry and pregnancy don’t mix so well.

About one month after baby number three came, in her sleep-deprived, middle-of-the-night nursing attempts to stay awake while scrolling social medial, she discovered the Artist program. She had followed Cara’s blog for years, so she knew it would be big. She never thought she’d ever join a direct sales company, but after a lot of research, she came to find out that this one was different. So she tried it. She loved it. And she jumped in. She had no idea what she was doing or exactly what she had signed up for, but she knew she needed to do something for HER - something to challenge her, something to think of other than changing diapers. What started as something fun to do on the side has become one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Sarah Martin family

Sarah’s advice to a new artist who’d like to be a top performer would be to educate yourself. Learn everything you can about the products, experiment with them, learn from other artists, then TEACH your clients. Establish yourself as the expert. And if you don’t know how to do something for your business, teach yourself. Seek it out. There’s an abundance of knowledge out there, so stop thinking about how you can make a sale and start thinking of how you can best serve your clients.

Sarah also advises to never stop learning. She’s been an artist for over two years and is still discovering new things about this makeup every day. Just share it in your own unique way with your own unique voice. Don’t think that you can’t be successful unless you grow fast or have a huge social media following. Consistency works, Sarah promises. And there’s nothing wrong with slow and steady - utilize those slower periods to set yourself up to be ready for the time of growth - like getting systems in place - so when it happens you’re not overwhelmed. Just consistently show up and you will keep growing your business. Just remember that it might take some time and give yourself some grace.

Sarah’s favorite Maskcara event was Shine. It was shortly after joining when she luckily snagged one of those last 100 tickets. Even though she was brand new, she wanted to be part of it. She didn’t know anyone, but meeting others from her team in person changed everything for her! Like-minded women who understand, inspire, and support each other - Sarah can’t imagine not having those women in her life now and talking to them everyday. And now she refuses to ever miss a Maskcara event and the chance to squeeze her sisters.

Is it cheating if Sarah picks a fully-stocked Clutch as her favorite Maskcara product?! She can’t pick just one…the brushes have to be in there too! Being able to get ready in the car line has been a game changer.

The coolest place she’s ever been would have to be when she traveled to India and Thailand in college. I was able to present her chemistry research over there and travel for a month with her research group. It was amazing and an eye-opener, all at the same time. The tattoo on her wrist is one she got after returning home from this amazing trip is her everyday reminder to be grateful.

Netflix is Sarah’s weakness. She picks shows based on if she can watch them while she’s catching up on color matches at night, so it can’t be anything she has to pay too much attention to. She’s currently halfway through 8 seasons of Dexter.

If Sarah had to eat one food every day, it would probably be grilled cheese. Like an Artisanal grilled cheese, not one she would make at home. But that’s only if calories don’t count, because cheese makes everything better.