Artist Spotlight

Full-time Employment Counselor and Maskcara Artist, Lindsey Echols

This month, we're spotlighting Top HACer, Lindsey Echols, from Plain City, UT

August 21, 2019

Lindsey Echols | Top HACer | Plain City, UT

Lindsey Echols is married to an amazing bearded man and is mother to three sons and one daughter, ranging in age from 3-17. They keep her forever busy! Lindsey and her family currently live in Plain City, Utah.

On top of working her Maskcara business, Lindsey works full-time as an Employment Counselor for Foster Care and At Risk Youth (she helps them pursue education and any employment goals they might have).

Maskcara has helped Lindsey find a new passion for helping women feel beautiful. She discovered Maskcara through her friend and longtime hairdresser, Harmony Beus! Harmony inspired Lindsey to be 100% herself, and has always believed in her - Lindsey will be forever grateful for their friendship.

Lindsey’s advice to any new artists wanting to become a top performer: “Always remember that YOU are amazing. What you bring to the table as an individual, and what sets you apart from everyone else, is what you need to OWN and run with!”

Lindsey’s Maskcara journey has been all about developing relationships, learning as she goes, admitting her faults, sharing her struggles, and most importantly, remembering that she doesn’t need to ever be anybody but herself. It’s also okay to completely flub an eyeshadow tutorial, and still sell eyeshadow! Embrace YOU.

Lindsey Echols family

Some fun facts about Lindsey: she is Disneyland obsessed - it’s her number one vacation destination and will always be the coolest place she’s ever been. She could eat cheese EVERYDAY if she had to. The last series she watched on Netflix was Stranger Things. She also loves all things True Crime podcasts - you can find her listening to them most days while she’s at work.

Bella Bronzer and MILK Moisturizer are Lindey’s most favorite Maskcara items - she says she had to become an artist just to support her MILK addiction!

Dream was the conference that lit a fire under her and helped her business grow by leaps and bounds, but Reign was where she realized that the friendships made because of Maskcara are priceless. Not only that, but the message behind Maskcara is one of a kind , and the WHY behind why she does what she does has been validated. She is forever grateful for this journey.

When she isn’t sharing about her family or Maskcara, Lindsey loves to share her Keto journey (she’s lost 80 pounds doing this!). Lindsey feels like she rediscovered who she was after losing weight (and finding Maskcara fit like a glove with her new journey). To anyone struggling right now, Lindsey wants to share this: You can find yourself again, and you deserve to feel pretty. You are worth more than makeup, and with a little courage and persistence, you can overcome anything in life.