Monthly Messages

Getting the most out of your learning experiences

September 14, 2020

Part of big events - like conferences or webinars or classes - is learning to focus on what you need most from them. There’s always a takeaway to be had, and it’s always different for everyone. What you learned might not always be what someone else learned, and that’s perfectly okay. You might also want to soak in every. last. detail. About what you learned, and start applying all the tips and tricks that were taught to your own businesses or your own life - but that would be more of a hindrance than a help.

Focusing on all of the advice that’s given to you can lead you to become overwhelmed, and not sure where to start or where to focus your attention. You might feel like you’ll never be able to accomplish or practice everything that was said - of course you can do anything you set your mind to, but it has to be purposeful, and with intention. Cara advises you to pick out a couple things that really stand out to you, and start implementing them in your daily life. Some of this advice is meant for you, and some of it isn’t - what Cara likes to remember is that not everyone learns or teaches in the same way, and some of the teachings we get may be something we’re already familiar with. Cara says it’s more important to focus on the message meant for you, rather than trying to focus on all of them at the same time. Basically, don’t try and add all of the ingredients to the cake at once - it’ll just create a jumbled mess that won’t cook properly.

On the other hand, Cara also cautions against looking for the easy way out. Just because someone said they accomplished something doing it their way doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do the same. What is easy for some may not be easy for you, and vice versa. So don’t just make your plan based solely off someone else’s plan. Take the time to gather bits and pieces from others’ to make your own custom fit plan, specific to you. You will not regret the time saved by putting in the time from the beginning.

So how do you know what message is meant for you? Cara says you’ll know it when you hear it, if you are open to listening for it. It’s also important to take into consideration what you’re already good at, and maybe try looking for the messages that help you work on the things that don’t come naturally to you. Sometimes the thing that’s going to help you the most isn’t the thing you want to do, or may not be what your initial desire is to do.

Cara says that once she realized that no one knows what’s going to be the best thing for you, except for YOU, she started to really focus on herself and what she was able to accomplish. While the advice you receive matters, and is important to helping you grow, at the end of the day, no one is YOU. You are uniquely individual, and you have your very own set of experiences that have helped you become the you that you are today. To listen to the full webinar, click here