More Than Makeup

'Great things never come from comfort zones.'

This month's MTM Moment comes from Top HACer, Jillian Wentworth from Decatur, IL

September 19, 2019

Great things never come from comfort zones. Truth: I do not like taking selfies. Truly, truly.However, I put that aside to show the makeup and how great it really is. So I take and post the selfies 😎 I have so much fun doing my hair and makeup, and I love sharing how amazing Maskcara is, how amazing it makes me feel and how amazing it makes my customers feel. Amazing, right?

My New Year’s resolution this year was to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. That very resolution is what pushed me to sign up as an artist on January 4th, and I remind myself of that often, especially when I’m taking selfies or when I’m about to hit that LIVE button 🤪

But, I do not want to stop what I’m doing because I’m worried about what someone else thinks about my selfies, or that I’ve joined an MLM company. TSwift said it best: “Haters gonna hate!” And while that makes me uncomfortable, I’m starting to become more comfortable with it all. I love this company, I love this makeup and I love how comfortable I am getting with me 😉

With the discomforts of deployments, I’m happy to say time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s so true with this makeup. I’ve been kept busy with customers and color matches, and I’m so grateful to have a fun focus outside of mom life and being a military wife during a deployment. It’s been a very happy distraction at times!

What is truly fulfilling is every message I get from my sweet customers. The confidence blooming in them is definitely a heart-filler for sure, but it’s almost this relief and wonder of finding a makeup that brings out their best! We’ve all struggled with makeup that changes our appearance, but with Maskcara Beauty, your beautiful appearance is enhanced without completely changing your face! That is just what gets me every time. Even the gals who have been the no makeup wearers have grown to “playing” everyday with these fabulous products. Makes my job so dang fun🖤 So yes, lots of wonderful things arrive from outside your comfort zone!! 😘