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Hacks for Your Business

Hacks to help you implement SUGAR into your business

October 08, 2019

Before we get into the nitty-gritty on some helpful hacks for your business, Cara wanted to give a HUGE thanks to everyone for making September Seint’s biggest sales month yet. Last month, Seint sold $3.8 million in products - can you believe it?! Cara is forever grateful for all of the hard work you put into Seint every month. Seint wouldn’t exist without you!

It’s so easy to list all of the ways Seint is unique compared to other makeup companies out there, and yet it’s sometimes easy to forget. Cara stresses the importance of talking about the reasons why Seint is unique and sharing what you love about the makeup with your Seint sisters - don’t just share the beauty of the makeup. Sharing your passion will not only help you in trying to demonstrate what you love about it with customers, but it can also help you in your everyday relationships.

The first thing Cara loves about Seint is the product, but it’s not just that it’s a really, really cool product that she loves - it’s the sisterhood that it’s created, and the feelings of belonging she gets every time she meets you.

Besides the sisterhood, Cara loves the uniqueness of Seint. There is literally no other product out there that even comes close to what Seint is selling. What really sets Seint apart is its ability to completely change someone’s life. This is where you, the Artists, come in. Without you, the people buying Seint wouldn’t have any clue how to use the makeup, and they wouldn’t be able to see how much it can change the way they do their makeup everyday.

Now, onto hacks for your business. This is a follow-up on last month’s training webinar, SUGAR (if you haven’t watched it/read it yet, you can do so here.) SUGAR gives you the tools to make the most of Seint, while hacks for your business tells you how to implement and start using those tools. Working for yourself - and working from home - means that you might have to learn new tricks. You no longer have a boss, telling you what to do. You no longer have to clock in and clock out - you can work when you feel like it and when you have time. This is really easy for some people to adjust to right off the bat, and for others, it can take a bit to get used to. These are Cara’s tips and tricks for being your own better boss.

When it comes to time management, and getting out of the “motivation” phase and into the “doing” phase, it has a lot to do with your habits (both good and bad).

Too often, you can put a lot of time and effort into something without seeing any results. Seeing results is one of the biggest motivators to get you to keep working, so it can be a really difficult thing to get past.

Cara suggests you read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. In the book, James uses an ice analogy to describe working toward a goal and seeing no results, and how people give up just before they reach that tipping point. This is what Cara calls “the danger zone,” because people get so caught up in the progress they still have to make that they forget to look at the progress they’ve already achieved.

Two habit-making tools that Cara uses: Habit stacking: taking something you already do and stacking something you need to do on top of it. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is by not specifying when, how and where you’re going to incorporate these new habits. When you plan something new, you need to pick a time and figure out how you’re going to do it.

The habit duo: taking something you have to do and pairing it with something you want to do. This tool makes it so you can still do/have what you want, but you just need to get the have to’s out of the way first. Because this is connected to a positive, the thing you don’t necessarily want to do will become more and more attractive the more you do it.

Quality vs quantity: taking time to think about doing something, or just buckling down and getting it done. Sometimes, quality over quantity is best, but not always. When it comes to say, color matching someone, you should strive to have a number of color matches done, in person. Cara explains that it’s better to have 100 color matches under your belt, than to have one “quality” color match and that’s it. With the quantity mindset, you are always moving forward and learning new things, but with a quality mindset, you can get complacent and not strive for creativity. Perfect is the enemy of good. Waiting to only post a “perfect” pic gets in the way of learning and creativity. When you spend all of your time thinking, and not acting, you miss out on all kinds of experiences. You can’t think yourself to your goals - you have to walk yourself there.

Get out there - start posting more, start thinking less - and stay true to yourself (don’t let “perfect” be your enemy!), and you’ll do just fine.