Monthly Messages

Having your cake and eating it too is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be

November 05, 2019

We’ve got some exciting things coming your way! But before Cara spills the deets on the new products she’s been creating and developing, she first has to go over the backstory as to how she discovered this beyond revolutionary, never-before-seen makeup product that is going to change the way you do your makeup, FOREVER.

In brainstorming new products that Cara wanted to put into development for Seint, she realized she was getting caught up in all the fun things she could make, rather than focusing on making the things she already had even better. While Seint’s products are already the cream of the crop - there’s literally nothing on the market like it - it would be very difficult to make a great thing even better, right? That’s where Cara’s genius comes in. She turned her creative energy into what’s she’s most passionate about: IIID Foundation.

Leading up to this discovery, she realized she either had to change something in her life or change her perspective. In doing that, she was able to narrow down her focus in order to create something truly never seen before in the makeup industry. Cara was able to have her cake and eat it, too - she wasn’t torn between being half a good mother and half the owner of a successful company. Creating this new product was a good reminder for her that she can have it all - that her dreams didn’t have to stop being dreams just because she became a mother.

In fact, it was the complete opposite. Being a mother ended up being the catalyst that Cara needed that eventually led to the creation of everything that makes Seint what it is today. She realized that being a mother enabled her to follow her dreams of owning a makeup company, while that makeup company enabled her to be the mom her kids deserve. The two things she thought were in conflict actually ended up being complementary to each other - she couldn’t have one without having the other.

It’s amazing what can happen when you focus your energy on something that you love and are passionate about. When you feel like you’re spread too thin and doing too much, that’s when the work becomes taxing and draining. That’s why Cara lives by the idea of picking just a few things to get excited about and focusing your creative energy on that. It’s what led her to discover her most recent find that she absolutely cannot wait to share with you all.