Monthly Messages

How an anti-fragile mindset led to Maskcara's most historic sales month yet

May 05, 2020

April was a historic sales month for Seint, despite current events that are happening. This goes to show that being anti-fragile, and letting the tough times mold you rather than break you down, is key to being able to weather any storm that life throws at you. Having the biggest sales month in the face of a pandemic is proof that you can do anything you set your mind to, and not being afraid of growing into the best version of yourself when the situation calls for it.

Because April was such a big month for Seint, Cara wanted to give thanks to all of you, the Artists. The life force of the company. The reason Cara gets to see her dreams come to life, every single day. Without you, conferences (now called Reunions) wouldn't be possible. Reunion is a time when we can all get together and spread the love of Seint, not only among each other, but in the people we see while we’re out and about. There’s something to be said about being able to spot your fellow Seint sisters just by the way they glow as they walk down the hall. The makeup - and your love of it - sells itself. All you have to do is show how amazing it is, and the rest is up to the customer.

At Reunions, we think it’s very important to recognize any and all Artists who help make the Seint businesses go ‘round’. It’s one of Cara’s favorite things: being able to see the impact that each and every one of you has on each other. Seeing a large group of women, all in the same room, gathered together with the same purpose, is pretty powerful. Sharing truly is caring, and this is another thing that has helped Seint thrive. Every single Artist is not in it just for themselves. You’re all here, willing to help each other out by sharing your knowledge and resources, rather than keeping them to yourselves. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. You can be in it to win it, as long as everyone gets to celebrate each others’ successes.

Lastly, Cara really loves and appreciates the other various events that are held each year. It’s really unique to see the top leaders of the company at the Leadership Retreat, all in the same room together, bonding over life and sharing stories without worrying about who is on whose team. It’s so fun to be able to dance with everyone at Reunions, where we’re all comfortable enough to let loose for a few hours and just dance the night away. There are so many times throughout the year that Cara wishes she could bottle up and never forget. She is forever grateful to all of you for making her wildest dreams come true. It’s really special to see this kind of “sharing is caring,” anti-fragile mindset at work. Thanks for such a great sales month, and keep up the great work! To watch the full webinar, click here.