How To Successfully Market IIID and Demi

February 22, 2021

At Seint, we embrace a culture of abundance. You can become an important part of this by adopting the positive mindset that there are plentiful resources (and customers) available, and aligning your words and actions to support that thinking. Communicating with customers and other Artists about all Seint products with positivity and avoiding petty, competitive behavior and language creates a community of inclusivity and increased success individually and collectively. Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers find and celebrate their own beauty, no matter which products they choose. When we work together to lift and support our brand, personal product preference aside, we are doing so much more than selling makeup.

As you approach marketing Demi and IIID, here are some resources to help you navigate what to say. Sharing with customers the benefits of each will help them to find the one that is the best fit. Speaking negatively of one to promote the other is unnecessary and can cause harm to the Seint brand and to the businesses of your fellow Artists. Instead, we have created a Demi guide and IIID guide highlighting what makes each system so unique and to give our Artists ideas on how to positively promote each.

IIID Benefits jpeg

Demi Benefits