HQ Policy Reminder: Participating in More Than One Network Marketing Company

May 18, 2020

As a part of our Maskcara Policies and Procedures, we do not restrict Artists from participating in other network marketing companies until they reach the rank of Influencer. However, we do not encourage the practice and believe that if an Artist is looking to build a long-term business and grow a team with Maskcara it is very difficult to do while participating with other companies and opportunities. If you are looking to grow with Maskcara, we recommend putting all your focus and efforts into the Maskcara products, message, and business.

If an Artist does opt to sign up with another network marketing company or pursue other business opportunities there are restrictions on the promotion and recruiting alongside their Maskcara business. The following is not allowed.

NOT ALLOWED: Using your Maskcara network, and the relationships you have built through Maskcara, to solicit another network marketing opportunity. Discussing and comparing the compensation plan and/or opportunity of Maskcara with another network marketing company. Advertising the Maskcara opportunity and/or product alongside another network marketing company opportunity is strictly prohibited.

These policies, guidelines, and protocols are in place to protect the integrity of Maskcara and the businesses of all our Artists. If an Artist is found in breach of these regulations necessary disciplinary action will be taken.