Monthly Messages

I see trees of green, red roses too

March 03, 2021

We all want to make this world a better, more beautiful place. It is such an amazing blessing to be a part of something that helps others do that. At Seint, we are able to help others see and believe in their own beauty while giving other women the power to recognize, learn and love their own beauty. We all have the ability to help women see how they can enhance what already makes them beautiful, rather than covering it up to try to turn it into something else. There is something magical about being able to see the true beauty in ourselves, and in others.

In Cara’s latest Monthly Message webinar, she talks about how today’s world is a place of filters and photoshop. She asks how many times we’ve each compared ourselves to photos we see online where we’ve walked away with a lower self-image because of the unrealistic beauty standards set by the photo. Even more detrimental than that is the feeling that you have to use a filter, because we’ve been so trained to believe that we aren’t beautiful if we don’t have a filtered face.

Once we are able to grow and mature to a place of confidence and love for ourselves, only then are we able to truly identify and share our beauty for what we are and what we have to offer- not because of the masked appearance through a filter. There isn’t anything that compares to the look in a customer’s eye when they see that true beauty in themselves for the first time.

At Seint, we approach our production of new products by trying to simplify everyone's lives by making our routines easier. Seint doesn’t want to just add another product to the mix; we only want to provide the utmost new and innovative items, while also bringing those little beautiful moments that only come from creating beauty in our surroundings. It’s all about finding and embracing the beauty around you- you either create it, or recognize it. Something as simple as opening your gorgeous Seint packages can make you feel good, and can help to add those little beautiful moments to your day. At Seint, we strive to make all of our products beautiful- if they feel pretty to look at, they’ll feel pretty to put on. Cara’s motto for product packaging since the very beginning of this journey has been to create packaging that’s so beautiful, it’s painful to throw away.

Part of Seint’s goal has been to always have impeccable, honest marketing. We will never try to divert your attention away from what we are offering- what you see is truly what you get. We don’t follow any of the trends or fads just to be a part of the “moment”- you can feel confident in offering your customers what is most beneficial and true for them. Seint is a brand entirely of its own making- it’s its own category of makeup, and what it has to offer to its Artists and customer is all uniquely Seint.

One of the most important things we can do as a company is to “spot treat”. Once you are able to find something you love and have a passion for- and then figure out how to combine that with focus and hard work- you will be able to truly make a difference in your life and in your business.

Lastly, one of the pillars of Seint is making sure everyone feels love and has a place to call home is so important, and what really matters at Seint. We have seen so many lives changed because of this company- making sure a child has this opportunity could not be more fundamental. Because of Seint, Cara and Nick were able to start the foster care foundation, Love is Never Wasted. Through the awareness of the brand and the attention it’s brought to foster care, we have been able to change the lives of so many children, as well as the loving and generous people who chose to foster. If we only made this difference in one child’s life, that would be enough, but we have so much to offer that we can make a difference in thousands of children’s lives. It is so much more than helping the child- what they can offer you in return is ten fold what you give them. “I can't think of anything that could be more beautiful or easier to attach our hearts to.” -Cara