Monthly Messages

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

June 11, 2021

Cara started this month’s message off with a bang! CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Endless Summer Ticket raffle winners.

These 25 lovely Artists have been chosen for a lunch with Cara during our Reunion:

Emily Johnson, Marie-Eve Lebel, Jessica Magee, Mariela Andrade, Nicole Lucchetti, Natasha Kazarian, Gretchen Hanson, Jeneen Malone, Carrie Young, Nur Azlisya Ismall, Beverly Oliwa, Jennifer DiCarlo, Georene Lea, Alysabeth Heath, Lisa Perez, Melissa Lanier, Ashley Avila, Ana Moore, Annemaire Petroff, Leanne Brown, Sara Barb, Kayla Cardio, Stephanie Lealaitafea, Katy Holloman, and Lydia Amaro-Lefebvre.

The winners of our General Session VIP seating for themselves and a fellow Artist are:

Tammy Grover, Emily Johnson, Nicole Dennis, Tamara Raica, Brittany Pledger, Melissa Gray, Leila Robbins, Aziza McWhirter, Marissa McKee, Kelly Foertsch, Laura Garcia, Jamie Mayeux, Lisa Manteufel, Mary Davis, and Stephanie McAdams.

If your name was listed above, we will be sending you an email soon with all of the details, so be sure to watch for that! Endless Summer is getting closer everyday! We could not be more excited to meet together and see all of your beautiful faces. Reunion is a great time to learn from your fellow Seint Artists, set new goals, and implement a plan for success with your businesses.

In this month's Monthly Message Webinar, Cara talked about staying true to yourself personally, as well as professionally, even when it's hard. Cara gets asked a lot about what her goals are and she talks about how she never really has a super good answer for that. For her, it's not a number, it's more of a goal and a feeling that she's going after. When Cara has a heartfelt meaningful goal that could really change others' lives- that's really based on others and not herself- the success always seems to follow. So if you have a money goal, the heartfelt meaning might be there, and it might follow and it definitely could, but for her, if it's the other way around, success has always followed!

One key thing Cara learned from a successful entrepreneur about staying true to yourself was that a meaningful, powerful goal shines through and leads and guides you. For Seint, it's seeing the beauty in others, and recognizing that humans and women are beautiful. In everything we do at Seint, we stop to think "Is what I'm doing helping me to reach that goal?" In the beauty industry, there are trends that come and go, and while it might seem like a good idea to try and keep up with the mainstream media, when you jump on every single thing, you lose your voice and you lose who you are. Here at Seint, we are so lucky that we have a strong, meaningful and powerful goal that keeps us in line with who we are, says Cara.

One good example of our goals keeping us in alignment with who we are is when Cara was creating IIID foundation and matte lip kits were trending, and every company tried to sell you on these kits. Creating and selling lip kits didn't fulfill Seint's end goal and what Cara wanted to do, even though lip kits at the time were really exciting. It wasn't Seint's voice, even though it could have been really easy money to create the lip kits, throw them out there and make a little money. But for Seint, it's not a classic- it's not going to stay and it's not to make our customers' routines easier. It's just going to clutter up their beauty routine. Cara had to tell these manufacturers "No"- we didn't want to create the lip kits because we are just focused on one thing: IIID foundation. It was important for her to “keep her eye on the prize” and not get distracted in what everyone else was doing.

Hear how she was able to do this when starting out and all of the lessons she learned along the way in this month's Monthly Message Webinar!