Artist Programs


December 10, 2019

We wanted to take a quick minute and talk about our Maskcara Artist Facebook Group. This group was created to collaborate, share and support each other — and we see so much of that Every. Single. Day. So much so that it makes our Maskcara heart's grow 3 sizes each day. We love our Maskcara tribe!

While we want to create an open forum for discussions in our group, we avoid any and all negativity being posted to the page. Negativity attracts negativity and those types of comments do not serve the purpose of why MAG was created. We know that questions come up and Artists may become frustrated at times, which is why we encourage Artists to contact ASK with any concerns. Our ASK team loves our Artists and they are there to help!

Below is a little refresher of the Maskcara Artist Group Guidelines that are pinned to the top of the FB Group.


*+ For pressing questions about Compensation, Commissions, Orders, Back Office, App Login and Teams please see or contact us at . Due to the volume of comments in the group, we are unable to see every question so the quickest most efficient way for us to get back to you is email.

  • This page is not intended for recruiting. We are here to build each other up and help one another no matter whose team you’re on :)
  • We respond to emails within 24 hours and again this is the best way to reach us with questions and concerns.
  • Stay positive! Attitude is everything and we want this page to be uplifting and fun. If you have concerns please send us an email so we can help each other!
  • Soliciting of any kind is prohibited. Including the sale of kits or any Maskcara Beauty products.
  • Soliciting (by comment or personal message) on or to followers found from Maskcara Beauty Corporate and Cara’s personal social media sites (including but not limited to Instagram & Facebook) is strictly prohibited. Anyone found doing this will be blocked. We strive to direct all of our patrons to the appropriate artist in their area in an orderly fashion.
  • Conflicts between artists should be handled personally or through email and are not appropriate for Maskcara Artist page at any time and for any reason.
  • Artists must use only Maskcara approved sales when promoting the Maskcara business or Maskcara’s products and services.
  • Messaging Maskcara Beauty Corporate employees through their personal Facebook messenger or using their Facebook page is prohibited. All correspondence should take place through appropriate email channels*