Eye Candy “Party Pack”

May 20, 2020

Hip hip, hooray! It's time to par-tay! We are so excited to launch our first ever Artist “Party Pack”. We’ve put together an "Eye Candy" themed party as an opportunity for Artists to host their very own virtual party! We have provided content ideas that include candy-themed eyeshadow techniques, sweet games, and ways to connect with your customers and followers, complete with designs and captions. Our hope is that this detailed content will help Artists be able to host a more personal and intimate online party for their customers and followers. You can find the "Eye Candy" Party Pack under Artist Resources. Click on "Resources" in the top right, then "Parties", then "Artist Party Pack". You will find a pdf of instructions and post ideas and a folder with all the corresponding images to go with. Enjoy and happy party"ing"!