More Than Makeup

Maskcara Brought Me Confidence That I Didn’t Know I Still Had in Me

This month's MTM Moment comes from Elite HAC-er, Brooke Tabor from San Antonio, TX

April 22, 2019

“Y’all, these last 2 months with Maskcara have been literal blessings to our family. As I type these words, I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this “opportunity” for over a year. What started off as me finding something I loved - which was the simplicity of the makeup, because girl - outside of Maskcara...I can’t “makeup”. I just wanted to make enough money per month to pay for one pack of diapers. When I first started Maskcara, I was nine months pregnant with Jett and Kennedi was 19 months old. I knew both kids would be in diapers and the expense of that was overwhelming to me. Can I tell you something? Maskcara has been paying for our diapers and more for over a year. But money aside, I love that Maskcara has brought “Brooke” to life again. I say “Brooke” because most times I’m “Mom”, not “Brooke”. Being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely. It can feel overwhelming, and there are even some times that I’ve gone multiple days in a row without leaving my house, but Maskcara has brought me community. It’s brought me confidence that I didn’t know I still had in me. Look, I may be doing a live tutorial with baby puke, baby boogers or whatever else on my t-shirt, but it’s brought me so much joy. My heart is full! ❤️”

-Brooke Tabor