Non-Solicitation Policy

July 09, 2021

At Seint, we believe in the culture of abundance- we strongly believe that Artists should promote products they know and love. Being genuine about product recommendations- be that Seint’s or other companies’- will give credibility to what they are selling and will only help their Seint business. We are proud of the culture at Seint, and we have worked hard alongside all our Artists to build a supportive community of trust and acceptance. Artists can feel confident that as they work to build their Seint businesses and the relationships within their teams, that Seint will support their goals and protect the achievements made with the company.

It is not against Seint Policies and Terms to participate in other MLMs. However, according to our non-solicitation policy, it is against compliance to recruit individuals through the Seint network to other MLMs.

Examples of violating the non-solicitation policy would be:

  • Asking a friend you met through Seint to join another MLM opportunity.
  • Discussing and promoting your experiences as a representative at another MLM with the intention of indirectly recruiting Seint Artists to another company.
  • Hash tagging the same social media posts with Seint and another MLM.
  • Actively seek out and contact your Seint network with the intention of building a team made up of Seint Artists at another MLM company.
  • Signing up under a SEINT artist promoting another MLM.

If you recruit from your Seint network to build a team elsewhere, it not only weakens our community, but in doing so you are taking away from another Seint Artist and her family- an Artist who has worked hard to build her team and relationships. It is Seint’s responsibility as a company to protect our community, and as such, we will not allow our Artists and the relationships built to be exploited for personal gain.

In light of this, we will be strictly enforcing the non-solicitation policy (section 19) of our Policies and Terms that all Artists agreed to when signing up to become a Seint Artist. If an Artist is found recruiting another Seint Artist to a different MLM opportunity, it will warrant the immediate suspension of that artist. A second offense of the policy could result in permanent termination of their Seint account. We encourage those who are being recruited by Seint Artists to other MLM companies to send an email to compliance@seintofficial.com. We rely on our Artists to turn in tips of potential compliance violations- not to get someone else in trouble- but to help protect our community and the individuals a part of it. Our goal at Seint is to create a safe and fair working environment for our Artists, and enforcing the above policy helps us do that.

We love and support all of our Artists in being able to do what is best for their families. Your success is our success, and we are so happy when you are able to fulfill your dreams and goals in whatever capacity that may be. We do not take the friendships built here lightly. We will continue to work to make sure our community and culture is the strongest it can be as a place where Artists can feel proud and confident in inviting others to be a part of this amazing experience and opportunity.