POLICY: No Use of Seint on Personal Accounts

November 13, 2020


With the release of Seint last week, we also made an update to our Artist Policy and Terms that we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of:

Artists may NOT use the word "Seint" - or any other company trademarks - in social media handles or as part of their own independent websites.

An example of what is NOT allowed would be: @JaneDoeSeintArtist.

We want Artists to be able to connect with their followers in a way that is genuine and personalized to THEM. Being an Independent Seint Artist is just one of the things that makes you, YOU. Your social media handle and Artist link should reflect your own unique brand!

Please note that if you have "Seint" in your social media handle currently, we ask that you work to get this changed as soon as possible. We understand that Instagram may not allow you to change your handle again for another 14 days, but our Compliance Team is - and will continue - to reach out to those in violation of this updated policy. Please reach out to compliance@seintofficial.com if you have any questions, or need further clarification.

However, you CAN use the word Seint in a Facebook group for a party for your Team page on Facebook.