Policy Reminder: Moving orders into a party

October 17, 2019

Parties are an amazing way for your customers to help share their love of our incredible product, earn amazing discounts and free products while also helping you build your business. Parties are always a great way for you to earn party credit for free, as well as discounted products. We want you to be able to benefit from the party perks, but we are not able to move any orders into parties if they were not placed in the party by yourself or your customer. Customers have two different ways of placing their orders into parties:

  1. by using the drop-down party option at check out
  2. by ordering directly through the party link

It's a breeze for customers to be able to put their own orders into parties, and we are counting on you to encourage your customers to use this feature when they make a purchase (if that's how you'd like them placed). This way, every party's hostess credit is maximized and ASK's inbox will be less cluttered so they can get to your important questions faster!

*There will be no exceptions to this policy.

We also wanted to clarify the number of parties that can be opened each month per Artist as we've had a bit of confusion around the policy change we made a few months ago. One party can be opened per person, per month.

For example, an Artist can open her own party, plus help her customers open up a party under their names as well. In addition, if an Artist opens a party in September and doesn't close it, she CAN open a party in October!