Quarter 4 and Inventory

In 2020 we have experienced amazing growth and can't wait to close out the year strong!

September 27, 2020

At the Virtual Dulce this past weekend Nick Killpack, our President and co-founder, shared some amazing statistics from our first three quarters in 2020. Below are some highlights we want to share with our Artists company-wide.

Company Growth_2020

US Growth

Canadian Growth_2020

New Artist Signups_2020

Map of Artists_2020

Rank Advancements

We know that navigating the supply issues from COVID has been a challenge, but despite those challenges we have had a record setting year and are looking forward to finishing out 2020 strong. As we move into the fourth quarter we anticipate some out-of-stock inventory, but our goal is to keep our most popular products in stock and available for purchase. We feel incredibly grateful as a company to be as successful as we have been over the past year. There have been many companies that have faced similar challenges and have not been as fortunate. This success is due in large part to our Artists embracing the anti-fragile mentality that we as a company strive to embody!

As we move away from this storm we have weathered so well, we want to remind you that as a growing company we'll have some products out of stock from time to time. Because of this, here is how we plan to keep you informed of inventory so you are best able to serve your customers.

Weekly Updates

  • A weekly email will be sent out to Artists notifying you of what products are out of stock and what products are low stock for that week.
  • The inventory tab on the HQ website will be updated weekly with out of stock and low stock products.
  • A telegram message will be sent out weekly with stock updates.

Ongoing Communication

  • As usual, we will continue to notify you when products are back in stock on Telegram. If you are not subscribed to the Maskcara Beauty channel on Telegram, click here for directions on how to subscribe.
  • Pay attention to the “low stock” sticker on products on the website as you are building your customer carts or recommending products. If that item is low stock, you will want to encourage your customer to place their order in a timely manner or recommend another color.

In addition to our ongoing communication, we encourage you to be proactive in checking the status of a product before you promote an item. As frustrating as dealing with OOS products may be, finding creative and positive solutions for your customers will help you to be consistently successful! Here are a few examples:

  • Proactively promote in-stock products! If Stay Spray is out of stock, focus on sharing about Milk products.
  • Be prepared to make recommendations of similar products or shades. If the 30-second HAC is out-of-stock, it’s a great opportunity to share the benefits of the Detail HAC, Buffy, or BBF. If Nude Lip + Cheek is out of stock, let your customer know we have other gorgeous neutral shades like Plum, Sadie, Bare, and Ballerina, and help her feel confident in trying something a little different.
  • Share the multi-tasking benefits of products. While your customer is awaiting that eyeshadow she really wants, let her know that her contour color makes a beautiful eyeshadow in the meantime.

We have some big plans for the fourth quarter of 2020 and can’t wait to share more details with you in October!