Reign Recognition Nominations

Nominate fellow artists who deserve a little extra recognition at Reign. All submissions must be completed by July 12th.

June 19, 2019

With our focus this year on being More Than Makeup, we wanted to take the time to recognize Artists who are making a difference beyond focusing on outward beauty. These awards will go to Artists who are exemplifying our mission statement and going above and beyond in embodying the values we embrace. Please take a moment to nominate fellow artists who you think best possess these qualities and why. These awards will be presented Friday night at the Recognition Gala, so make sure whoever you nominate is registered for Reign. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BY JULY 12TH.

Creativity Award For an Artist who pursues what inspires her and is inspiring us with her ideas and creations.

Courage Award For an Artist who is letting go of what holds her back and who isn’t afraid to step into the dark to find the light.

Optimism Award For an Artist who believes in herself and refuses to give up when the going gets rough, and who is a light to those around her.

Hard Work Award For an Artist who knows how to hustle and get things done and manage her time brilliantly.

Leadership Award For an Artist who truly lights the way for others and is always willing to lend an ear or a hand to her others.

Impact Beyond Outward Beauty Award For an Artist whose reach extends far beyond her arms, who is lifting hands and hearts.

More Than Makeup Award (Miss Maskcara 2019) For an Artist who embodies our mission statement and all of these qualities that we value and seek to show in all we do.