Monthly Messages

Remember the journey, not just the destination

October 06, 2020

The journey isn’t about the destination. You’ve all heard this, because it’s such an important aspect of being a human being. Not only does this apply to businesses, it also applies to every other aspect of your life. If you just focus on the end goal, you miss more than half - the majority - of what the journey is really about.

Cara is all about hustling and focusing on your goals, but she’s also all about taking the time to enjoy life, and not getting so dialed in on one thing that she completely misses what’s going on around her. Part of meeting goals and accomplishing your dreams isn’t to drop everything in your life and dedicate your every waking moment to that desire. Part of being successful is to integrate your goals into your daily life, and making them part of your routine - not completely changing your routine to fit your goals/dreams.

On the other hand, Cara also advises to not be so focused on everyone else that you find yourself - and your goals - being put on the back burner. Find the balance between too much focus, and not enough. Find what works for you and your already existing routine - dedicate one hour of your day on working toward your goals, or dedicate one day of the week. Whatever the case may be, find what works for you, and be gentle on yourself.

When you are true to yourself, you lead the way for everyone else in your life so that they, too, can be true to themselves as well. Lead the way by your example so that others - your team, your family, your friends - can see what doing what you set out to do looks like.

While you’re all on different journeys, there’s something that you all have in common - that the world has in common - the toughest part of doing anything is keeping on keeping on. Continuing to do what you’re doing without seeing any sort of result or feedback is where it gets tempting to change directions. This hump (which is what Cara calls it), is the exact defining moment that can determine whether or not your goals will be achieved or not. Make it to the hump, get over the hump, and envision yourself succeeding. That’s half the battle, right there! And don’t forget - while you’re embarking on this journey - to stop and bask in the process of growing and learning.

Don’t forget that roadblocks are part of the journey. There will be bumps along the way. Remind yourself that they have to be there in order for you to stay on course - these bumps provide you a way of learning and overcoming. Nothing worth having comes easy. To watch Cara’s full webinar, click here.