Rhapsody guest spot winners announced!

November 22, 2019

We want to congratulate our 125 Rhapsody qualifiers who worked so hard to earn a minimum of 20,000 points from May - October! 

Last night in Cara’s webinar she did a drawing for Artists who qualified for Rhapsody to win a spot for a complimentary guest. Each Artist earned 1-3 tickets for the drawing depending on how many points they earned during the qualification period. The number of guest spots awarded was based upon 10% of the total number of qualifiers. There were 125 qualifying Artists so Cara drew 13 winners! If you didn’t win a spot and would still like to bring a guest, please reach out to our Events Team!

  • Allison Bridges
  • Allison McCarraher
  • Anna Culp
  • Carrie Watson
  • Cassidy Schweigert
  • Jackie Lyn Richards
  • Kat Fairchild
  • Kayla Farrell
  • Kelly Chakerian
  • Lacy Carpenter
  • Lauren Coe
  • Lindsey Echols
  • Shelley Cicekci

*Guests are not able to be other Maskcara Artists.