S.U.G.A.R Week

May 07, 2020

The SUGAR Trainings found on Maskcara HQ are Cara's tips and tricks to sweeten up your business to help make it fun and effective. This year we have been hosting the SUGAR Challenges to encourage you to adopt these tips and tricks into your every day business. We are not offering a SUGAR challenge in May, but we want to keep the spirit of Sharing, Using the product, Guiding your teams, Acing the color match and Retaining your customers alive with S.U.G.A.R. Week! Starting next Monday on May 11th until Friday, May 15th, we will do the following three things each day on our Artist Instagram Account:

-Training: Each day, a different letter of SUGAR will be highlighted, we'll share the corresponding SUGAR training video to our feed that will live on IGTV forever!

-Q&A: After featuring the corresponding letter, we'll be available for the next hour to answer any and all of your questions about that letter!

-Daily Challenges/Game: Every day there will be challenge or game corresponding with the letter of the day. We'll pick a winner each day to win an exclusive, amazingly soft Maskcara branded blanket!

The schedule for when we will be highlighting these letters:

Monday: Share

Tuesday: Use

Wednesday: Guide

Thursday: Ace

Friday: Retain

Artists who focus on all of SUGAR Challenges are better able to unleash their potential, and receive the full benefit of a thriving business. We hope you enjoy S.U.G.A.R. week and have fun participating!