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Seint Artist Challenge I: Let’s Get Ready to Party!

February 1-28, 2021

January 28, 2021

Seint Artist Challenge I: Let’s Get Ready to Party!

February 1-28, 2021

Parties are an amazing way for your customers to help share their love of our incredible products and earn amazing discounts and free products, while also helping you build your business. They allow you to share Seint with an audience that may be outside your immediate circle of influence. When a friend, customer, family member, or co-worker is motivated to host a party, you are introduced to their inner circle, which means potential new customers to build your clientele. Because of this, we want to encourage Artists to practice and have fun throwing parties for their customers! For the first Seint Artist Challenge of 2021, Let’s Get Ready to Party!!

Here is what you need to do to earn the Artist exclusive Onyx Spot Brush! These brushes are only available to Artists participating and completing this challenge and will not be for sale! For more information on all things Challenges see the Seint Gallery post 2021 Artist Challenge FAQS

1. Watch Seint’s Training Video, “Benefits of Throwing a Party”, on Seint Gallery

2. Check out the corresponding Party Support pdf

3. Watch one of the two Party Training videos:

4. Host a minimum 2 of parties in February 2021, closing by Feb 28.

  • Host a party for a customer or hostess other than yourself
  • Throw your own party and invite your circle (Or, you can choose a second hostess to host the second party)

*EACH party must have a minimum of 160 CV (320 CV total for both parties) in orders placed by the close of the party by end of the month.

*Parties may take place over Facebook, Instagram, Zoom...get creative during these social distancing times!

*For step by step instructions on how to set up a party in your back office, check out this video under the Back Office training section on Seint Gallery

*Artists must be active (240CV) for the month of February to be eligible to earn the Onyx Brush

*We have a strict policy on not moving orders into parties after the order has been placed. Please make sure your customers know how to place their order into a party and where they can see the party name in their cart and at checkout. We will not move orders to a party in order to meet qualifications.

Customers have two different ways of placing their orders into parties:

  1. Using the dropdown menu at checkout
  2. By ordering directly through the party link

Sometimes a customer can get kicked out of a party by going back and editing their order, editing billing or shipping information, or if it takes too long to check out. We developed the dropdown menu at checkout so even if the customer is not shopping through the party link, they will see the party dropdown menu while checking out. We suggest letting your customers know about the dropdown menu to ensure their orders are placed in the correct party.

*Please remember, you can only host ONE party per PERSON, per MONTH. We will be monitoring those opening more than one party per person for this challenge.

*Submit your challenges from March 1st - March 7th on the form posted to Seint Gallery on March 1st. We will be verifying challenges through March 10th. (If you don’t hear from us that’s good news!) On the form you will verify you have completed the challenges as outlined. We will also be pulling reports on our side to verify the two parties and CV sold.

*Seint reserves the right to close the challenge form once the maximum number of submissions are received