UPDATED Seint Policy - Trademark Logo

April 06, 2021


Protecting the visual look and feel of a brand is a vital part of ensuring its consistency, recognizability, and long-term success. Limiting use of the logo will assist our customers in being able to clearly recognize and identify with our company, products, and messaging. In order to maintain this recognizable brand identity, Artists should follow the steps below to determine when it is appropriate to create graphics that contain the Seint or St logo:

Step 1 - Ask yourself, “What is my objective with the image I am creating?”

Step 2 - Ask yourself, “Are there any existing and approved images or graphics that would meet my objective?” Please note: the Creative Team is continually producing graphics and images for Artist use, so be sure to check Seint Gallery often!

Be watching for additional images, graphics, and Artist resources in the Seint Gallery drobpox around the Artist Birthday Party!

Step 3 - If there are not any existing graphics that meet your objective, ask yourself, “Is it absolutely necessary to include the logo on the image itself or are there other ways to represent the brand?” For example, you can hold a product that has the logo in your photo, tag @seintofficial, or mention Seint in the caption.

Step 4 - If there are no existing graphics that meet your objective AND you determine that including the logo on your graphic is absolutely necessary, then you may move forward with adding the logo in a mindful way, being careful to use the logo as the Creative Team would. This includes not distorting the size or scale and placing it on a white or black background whenever possible.

Step 5 - Once complete, please email your image, graphic, or asset to aspen@seintofficial.com for approval in order to utilize your graphic with appropriate Trademark permission. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive a response back.

Once the image is approved, we will ask that Artist if they are willing to share their image with other Artists. If their answer is "yes" - we will add the approved Artist create images to a specific folder in Dropbox on Seint Gallery.

In addition, we will be adding two seperate folders in Dropbox on Seint Gallery. One folder will include images and graphics we ask that you do not alter, but use as is in your marketing. And, another folder that will include other Seint images that you can alter for any of your business and personal needs.

Artists should continue to create their own content, infused with their unique personality. (For helpful tips on branding and style, check out these resources in the Seint Gallery.) You do NOT need approval for every image or graphic you create! You are only required to submit content for approval that you determine having the logo included on is absolutely essential.

Using the company logo on any assets or graphics and selling them is strictly prohibited. This policy includes logowear. We are currently sourcing more inclusive sizing options so that Seint Official logowear is available to everyone!

For further clarification, see the guidelines below on how to stay in compliance with this policy.


  • Utilize images and graphics shared by the Creative Team that include the logo. We carefully create this content for you so that you can share our brand image with your audience!
  • Purchase official Seint swag from the site with your Artist discount.
  • Use the Seint logo on its own on a white or black background, completely unaltered by any design.
  • Take pictures of the product/you with the product to use; it is already branded with the logo and ready to show off!
  • Add your own personal logo or your team logo to your designs.
  • Type the word Seint to add to your designs (only if you prefer; this is optional) in a way that clearly differentiates that text from the logo.


  • Add the company logo (Seint or St) to your own or your team images or designs.
  • Use the name Seint or St in your email address or social media handles.
  • Alter the marketing photos or graphics provided from the Seint Creative Team in any way, including using filters.
  • Utilize the company logos on any products used for sales tools or personal/team use, such as shirts, hats, signs, decals, etc.

Because we will now be enforcing our Trademark policy, we are allowing a grace period for you to edit or remove any images you may have created before this policy was adopted. Beginning on January 1st, 2021, this new policy will be enforced.

Thank you for your continued support as we all adjust to and embrace the changes that accompany a rebrand. We are confident these changes will ensure the integrity and timelessness of our brand, and we are so excited for the future of Seint!