More Than Makeup

'Starting a makeup business gave me the confidence to NOT wear makeup'

This month's MTM Moment comes from Elite HACer, Jaimie Riding, from Salt Lake City, Utah

October 17, 2019

When I post a before and after, one is not better than the other. Maskcara is more than makeup, because it’s not about the after photo being better than the before. It’s about the fact that it’s given me the confidence to feel good about leaving the house with no makeup on. It’s amazing to feel beautiful and confident in my own skin. I love myself regardless of what I look like - I still think I'm beautiful when I take my makeup off. I probably couldn't have said that 18 months ago, but there really is something about this makeup that shows you how beautiful you are, even when you aren't wearing it. Ever since I joined Maskcara, I've been on a journey and this community is so uplifting and has built my confidence so much that I can't even believe I used to not love the way I looked and was afraid to show others what I looked like without makeup. The fact that starting a makeup business gave me the confidence to NOT wear makeup is truly incredible. It's so amazing to feel so confident and beautiful in my own skin.